1.e4 – Chess Openings for Absolute Beginners (Elo-0 to 600) | ft. @SuhaniShah

Have you just begun your chess journey? Do you find learning chess openings daunting? This video is for you. IM Sagar Shah goes over some of the most important openings that every chess beginner must know. And who is his student in the video – the ever charming mentalist and magician Suhani Shah. Suhani’s interest in chess and the willingness to learn something new makes this a thoroughly insightful at the same time refreshing video!

A big thanks to “Social” chain of restaurants where this video was shot.

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Edited by Abhyudaya Ram and Sagar Shah
Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Sagar sir please continue this series really loved it ❣️❣️

  2. Sagar bhai this is actually not for 0-600. They should focus just on not making blunders. Knowing fancy openings and names won't help if they just blunder a queen or pieces.

  3. Just want you to give my opinion that the video is kinda distracting. It would have been better with just the virtual board. Rest the explanation and moves for the beginners are looking superb.

  4. Thank u Sagar sir for your wisdom it had helped me improve my game .

  5. teachers like sagar shah make a children interested in the stuff and maintain the interest which is necessary to progress . sagar sir i have learnt a lot from todays video . love from tripura

  6. Wow. This was super informative session would love more of this in more detail guruji OP Susha OP <3

  7. this is a video made quite well.
    it is useful even for the 1500s or higher who have learnt the openings but not necessary with all this clarity behind the moves!
    this kind of clarity is certainly very useful, so, thank you.

  8. Looks like its finally time i start improving chess. 😄😄😄

  9. Please do continue with this series, so that many like me can learn along with SuSha. Love the way you teach and clarify the moves.

  10. Best learning video
    Please make series of such videos

  11. More like this needed, very interesting.

  12. sagar bahiya how is the scotch game clasical variation for e4

  13. Hello sir/every one,
    Can any body tell a good openings for Spanish/ruy Lopez and Italian game for black side

  14. This video helped alot if you one wants to learn …

  15. Thank you sagar this will definitely help me improving my chess coz people like me can't ask for money to learn chess as the financial condition is not good…thank you…💙🇮🇳

  16. Arrey nice, Suhani is taking it so seriously now. 😁 Humein bhi sikha dein, Sagar bhai! 😁

    Edit: Wow, this is the kind of video I was looking for my whole life! Exceptionally helpful. ❤

  17. I really loved this video..
    Too many opening moves in just one video for a beginner

  18. Amazing video Sagar Bhai, but what about Scotch opening?

  19. More videos like this please 🙏❤️….part 2 please 🥺❤️

  20. We want more this type of video….this is lovely ❤️❤️🔥

  21. This is a absolute gem of a video. Suhani played Scandinavian better just after few minutes of teaching from sagar. Great work from sagar Shah.

  22. We want a complete series.try to make it happen

  23. Thank you sager sir this opening will help me to improvement…

  24. Lovely video. now I know what all these fancy names mean.

  25. Susha first takes over supreme leader in subs , now in chess
    Supreme leader get ready for another sub battle soon

  26. Man, this is such an experience! Sagar is a great teacher

  27. This video was so much heplful for me,
    Thank u

  28. Super informative video. This gave cleared so many doubts about openings. Sagar shah ki jai ho.

  29. Such a great session !!i wish i had a coach like sagar sir!!🥺😍
    Credits also go to amruta maam for recording the session so beautifully!

  30. Sagar: an important rule of openings is to control the central squares and develop your minor pieces
    Ze Beast: 1. b3

  31. This is really good. Multiple openings in a short timing. Please prepare more videos at some detail level

  32. You teach critical things in a very funny way which is really important 😀

  33. Wow. I used to hear people say advanced, classical, exchange (French, CaroKann) but never paid attention why. Very happy to see this and understand the naming. Now I will remember them automatically and in turn remember the moves as well 😄

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