1 Minute Ponziani Trap

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  1. Well that's why you take the center and not okay knight f6

  2. When he said "now you take the rook and you make….a Knight" ny phone froze from how flabbergasted it was 😂

  3. So little chance this might happen, even your opponent have no clue about your move. They will still have a different move. Just do the opening and just play it.

  4. That isn’t checkmate though right? Just a check

  5. What if black knight c6 attacking white pawn..?

  6. Levy, I always like chess but was never good at it. About a month ago, I decided to take it seriously and started watching your videos. In the beginning, I couldn’t beat an ELO 400 bot, now some of my games against real people rank me at 1200. Still have a way to go, but your videos have been teaching me a lot.

    Thanks for the awesome videos!

  7. I open like this every game but have never tried this lol

  8. How he displays bishop b5 as this huge threat is absurd it’s so counterable and just dismantles this whole plan

  9. As a Caro Kann player, I see this as an absolute win.

  10. I always totally understand these then I try and no one ever does the response I expect and it all falls apart. Then finally after like 10 games someone finally does it and I forgot the moves

  11. Why make a knight at the end? Its not mate right?

  12. Ive played ponziani for so many games but everyone plays exd4 instead of Nxe4.

  13. Apparently my opponents aren't this intelligent🥱

  14. If pawn takes pawn just develop?and if it didnt take any of the pawns? Help ;-;

  15. I might be confused but isn’t the king safe if her goes b7 or b8

  16. What if i do knight to C6 on the first bishop check?

  17. The next: Arent u glad u cliked on this video 😂

  18. I play Bc5 after they play c3 and they actually end up losing with that 😎

  19. I love this vide, because it is so hard for me to think about all this traps

  20. Why would black move queen to b6 when they could easily move the knight to c6?

  21. After c3 the most common move is to attack whites knight with the Bishop so usually won't work

  22. What if my opponent knows how to play chess?

  23. oK first your going to set down in the chair, then slide it forward 3” but the door stop is BANG! in the way so white reaches to get a dinner roll but you drive the white rook off with the bishop or the pawn, but the king is in play……

  24. Careful it’s a checkmate for black in that variation of played wrong

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