Some good strides in Botswana chess. Majwe Mining Joint Venture, who have formed a rapport with Limitless Mind chess Academy, have finally launched the groundbreaking ‘ Majwe Mining Inclusive Youth Development Programme Through Chess” in Mabutsane, Botswana.

Founder of Limitlessmind Chess Academy Keenese Kizhani makes her speech

The programme, which is sponsored by Majwe Mining Joint Venture to the tune of 25000 Pullas, aims at directly contributing to social inclusion, development and empowerment to disadvantaged youths in the rural areas of Botswana through chess.

According to Limitless Mind Chess Academy founder, Keenese Katisenge Tizhani , they have chosen Mabutsane for the pilot project as a way of reaching out to disadvantaged youths from rural areas.

Limitless Mind Chess Academy is under the Botswana Chess Federation.

Keenese Tizhani also said the pilot project will ran from 23rd January to 13th February 2021.

‘Basically the programme will entail training for 4 weekends, donation of chess sets, chess books, for all the participants , as well as phone tablets for all winners’, said Keenese Tizhani.

She also said 20 youths will from ages 10 to14, with a 50:50 gender balance will take part in the training.

Lead Coach Vincent Masole prepares the youths

However, Keenese also emphasized that there will also be doing a video recorded training -to combat Covid .

Majwe Mining official makes his speech

Vincent Masole, who holds the following Fide badges :International Arbiter ,International Organiser ,Fide Intructor is the lead coach of the trainings. Masole is also the former ratings officer and Technical Director for Botswana chess Federation.

part of the launch

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