IM Andrew Kayonde Pulls Out – IM Chitumbo Mwali Goes to World Cup

The COVID19 pandemic affected many player’s strength and ability to play chess exceptionally well. But to some, it presented them with an opportunity to sharpen  their chess as evident in the just ended Zambian Chess World Cup Qualifier thriller, which suffered  a last minute glitch when top seed IM Andrew Kayonde pulled out of the competition, when he trailing to eventual winner Copper Eagle IM Chitumbo Mwali by 1.5 points  in the penultimate round .

IM Andrew Kayonde pulled out of  ” the 6 player”  competition in the penultimate round , after accusing the other 5 players of  collision to deliberately lose against the Copper Eagle,  so that  he  can qualify easily.

In response to this allegation , Mwali said  he was disappointed that he did not pass through the hot furnace of Andrew Kayonde.

“It would been a good preparation for the World Cup”, he said.

The Vice President  of the Zambian Chess Federation Lesley Chikuse said Kayonde’s decision is a sign of frustration.

The social media has been flooded with comments discussing  IM Kayonde’s actions.

Here is one of the comment made by Tebogo Happy Malatji of South Africa

History is repeating itself. This take me back when the legendary Bobby Fischer was fighting the Soviet Union when they defended Spassky. The solution to Fischer was to beat them all  which he achieved after training for more than four years without playing competitive chess”.

The question we as ourselves today is, will this demoralize other players or will it motivate them to beat everyone and rely on themselves to win any event? Let’s have a discussions in the comments below.

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