Zone 4.5 Secures funding from FIDE

The Zonal President, Mr Joe Mahomole, engaged ACC and PCD of FIDE for funding the 2021 Zone 4.5 chess projects. Amongst the projects, the list of which is provided below, is the coaching of young players by Grand Masters (GMs) and/or strong International Masters (IMs). Fortunately the funding was granted, thanks to FIDE for this gesture. In thanking FIDE, Zone 4.5 would also like to profusely thank African Chess Confederation (ACC) for the role they played in supporting the application for funding. Now that funding is here, let the “game begin”!

The list of projects for which funding was applied for are:

  • Four Nations Cup
  • Coaching/Training of young players by GMs/strong IMs
  • Arbiters Training
  • Capacity building for Trainers/Coaches

National Federations in the zone are requested to urgently provide the information to the President as per the letter below on/before Thursday, 29 July 2021 to enable the events to begin. The key information is with regard to names of players to be coached (4 per country), names of trainers/coaches to be trainers, names of arbiters to be trained and suggestions for possible dates for the Four Nations Cup. Please pay special attention to points 2, 3 and 4 on the letter!


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