25 Chess Tips If You’re Under 1400

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  1. Bit basic for me as a 1300 but hope you lower guys learnt a lot, a well made video 🙂

  2. 22:49 would Qd5 be a good move? it attacks the black queen while defending the bishop and the white queen is being seen by both a pawn and the bishop, also black has no piece watching that square except their queen.

  3. Thank you so much for this. You’re incredible

  4. Is moving your bishop to A4 sometimes a good way to draw out your opponent's B5 pawn? I did have to laugh a little to myself on your pawn end-game🤔 advice when all he had to do was drop his rook to the back rank for checkmate.

  5. if files are the letters what are the numbers??

  6. These are such great examples and concepts to use and learn, thank you!!

  7. how can you get stockfish to tell you the best moves????

  8. When I see a hole I also try to fit my knight into. But as you said, some holes are more difficult to fill…

  9. Nelson if I do one move to accomplish 5 things that only gives my opponent 5 opportunity's to hurt me in one move

  10. To elaborate on tip 16. You won't always find tactics by looking at weaknesses, because there may simply not be any. But usually, weaknesses last for at least several moves and at most throughout the entire game. And in if you keep these weaknesses in mind, you may be able to form a tactic in one of those moves.

    There has been a few occasions in my rapid games where I saw something that was almost a tactic, and wasn't, but it later really became a tactic because of that same idea I saw that my opponent didn't see.

  11. 21:00 but the bishop is defending the knight is he forgetting that ?

  12. « If a Queen attacks my knight, I don’t care »

    I would very much care… because knights are defenseless to queens

  13. If I’m under 1400. What the lowest rating, again?

  14. Kinda 23 Chess Tips… On purpose or a mistake?

  15. Wow I’m only 21 so I definitely have to learn these

  16. 20:40 what does he mean? if the trade happens you eventually pin white's queen to the king, i think he didnt notice the bishop at e7

  17. Someone may have caught this already, but in Tip #12, does white actually has a better move than queen trading? That is, what if white plays knight to e4. Black cannot capture the knight with his pawn, because white can simply slide his rook to d1, winning black's queen. As a result, black is forced to move his king, either to e5 (where white has a spring loaded trap waiting), or back to the seventh rank, where white can capture the h7 pawn while putting black in check, which creates more dangerous situations now that white's knight is in a more advanced position.

  18. Why does he literally give you half a second to read the next topic? I have dyslexia, that’s really annoying

  19. As a 22 year old, I'm glad im learning these before I'm 1400!

  20. Hey, just wanted to let you know that after watching this video, my rating rose by ~200 ELO within a month, thanks!

  21. 13:23, after bishop takes knight and pawn takes bishop. king to h1 and rook to g1 and you can attack?

  22. Thank you Nelson. you're like a chess treasure waiting to be discovered. you give strategies and tactics fast without wasting any time.

  23. This should be more like. If you want to get 1200/1300 by then I think players have a strong grasp of everything you’re advising.

  24. Thanks a lot , I am over 1500, let me tell you that under 1400 players are still weak visualization, they don't see that opponent's piece can take theirs.

  25. Recently, I started watching your videos…and I must say you are one of the best trainers for beginners
    ❤️ From India

  26. Who are you? Googling your name gave me doctors and other relatively smart people…

  27. I dig your channel man, you're not condescending about how you deliver things. Just helpful info! Solid stuff, thank you.

  28. I like how you encourage players as you instruct. Good vibes 🌞

  29. "some things to do,some places to go, some hopes and dreams , that weren't there before."

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