3 basic chess opening rules you should remember!

♕ 3 very basic opening rules –

The opening stage refers to the initial moves of a chess game. It is important to play the opening well as it is the foundation for your game. Today we’ll share with you 3 very simple basic opening rules that you should always remember! 🙂

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  1. Great vedio for a beginner. Thank you very much

  2. 7:50 if black king moves to E7 and white queen checks at E5, king will move to F7. White bishop to C4 wont be checkmate, because black king can go to g6? White queen can then check from F5, but king also then has one move to H6. If white checks again D2 to D3 (with bishop) then black can block this with a pawn. Or have I missed something?

  3. can you upload a complete tutorial on ruylopz opening

  4. thanks for this woenderful vidoe and the great work thanks a lot but sir today komodo like computer in a handicapped match where white is given extra 4 tempos but white cant convert it into win with 3375 computer opponetn??

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