3 Basic Chess Openings for White #Shorts

We’re back with another short chess lesson!
In this video you’ll learn a few common chess openings for white.

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  1. No one's gonna talk about that black pawn.
    Maybe it's the black sheep

  2. Ruy lopez is a terrible opening for beginning players. Wouldn’t recommend it’s the most complex opening of all. I recommend a london, Kings gambit, or scotch for newer players. and dragon sicilian for black

  3. And you could just castle after moving white square bishop

  4. Whats the point of moving a white pon to d4 if he is giving the other black pon to leave its spot by killing it, after that happens you might decide to kill the black pon that killied your white pon with your horse, then the black horse will kill your horse. In other words you are risking a horse for a pon.

  5. The thing to wonder is: I knew all this.

  6. The background sounds makes absolutely no sense to me. Just annoying. I know, everybody is using sound behind talk. But why???

  7. Every single time I play that opening I pretty sure I lost

    So I swapped to another opening reti opening

  8. I used to play Italian game as white and just respond to the opening of my opponent as black. Now, I enjoy King's Indian, I want to learn Sicilian though but it's so complex as an intermediate player.

  9. Bongcloud is probably my favorite opening and the tennison intercontintal ballistic missile gambit is a close second

  10. The common way to make an openings are the queens gambit and kings gambit

    Those openings are fun

  11. "3 básic openings"

  12. Ruy lopez : am I basic ?
    Sicilian : who do you think I am ?

  13. You seriously calling the Ruy Lopez and the Giuoco piano basic openings? The Ruy Lopez is one of if not the most theory packed openings that exist

  14. Did you roast one of your black pawn 😅😅🤣🤣🤣just kidding i love your videos by the way😊

  15. Nah i would take the knigth on c 3

  16. me:waiting for the guy to do it.

    BRUH Its BEEN19837266817666 YEARS FINALLY LETS GO!!!

  17. Are those Bundesnorm pieces? ❤️

  18. If im ever playing the ruy lopez opening and my opponent responds with a6
    Im taking that knight with my bishop to damage his pawn structure and to win a free pawn

  19. Me: e4
    Opponent: c5 c6 d6 e6 d5 Kf6 Kc6

  20. Ruy lipez isn't basic considering the amount of theory there is

  21. I just started chess so I am a beginner

  22. I dont consider ruy lopez for the beginners
    Telling from my experience

  23. basic opening👍 but i don't like ruy lopez. because to improve that opening there is lot of variation.
    i'm 1200elo but never learned ruy lopez. i think not learning is shortpath for improve.

  24. Среди чёрных пешек появился самозванец

  25. Just launch an intercontinental ballistic missile at the chess board 💀

  26. Scotch opening is fun because they dont expect it

  27. ah yes, the Spanish, a very basic chess opening

  28. I know this one pawn

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