4 Simple Steps To BLUNDER LESS 😱❓❓

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About This Video:

Blunders in chess are some of the biggest mistakes that beginners and intermediate chess players make. If you can avoid blundering in chess you will see a huge improvement in your rating very quickly. In this video I talk about 4 steps you can do to stop blundering so often. Beginners will especially benefit from this process and it will ultimate help you become a better chess player.

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  1. This is really helping maybe it can even improve your elo

  2. How to blunder less but not be behind on time

  3. Wow. These tips help me so much! Do you have a video about reducing misses?

  4. Thanks for making videos that get right into it. Super rare and you're such a good guy for this

  5. Wow I thought I was bad at chess, these two players make me feel a whole lot better.

  6. Basically, you have to remember that every move affects at least two squares: the square you are moving to, and the square you are moving from. Two way to lose your are pieces are moving them directly into harm's way without protection, and leaving behind a piece that you were protecting.

  7. I blundered 8 times against martin bot and still won.

  8. I get too offensive aggressive & rush often

  9. This game is worse than modern 500-600 rated games, really goes to show how players improved in these 2 years

  10. Advices that make differences thanks 😊

  11. I get you need to do these blunder check systems, especially during each move of the midgame. One of the most frustrating things for me is being attacked at the beginning of the game BEFORE I can get my development fully accomplished. I like the strong defensive qualities of the hypopotamus defense and the hedgehog defense system. However, you really need to have disciplined almost dogmatic adherence to the essential moves of the development stage at the very beginning of the game. Otherwise, you lose any coherence of the defensive system of mutual reinforcement of the pieces from the structure of the defensive system due to incomplete development. You end up half reacting to your opponents while still trying to develop your pieces with a chaotic hodgepodge.

    Most of us quickly realize we aren't grandmaster material. But us average mortals can improve at chess with a strategy of a strong defensive system and disciplined methodical thinking based upon that strong defensive system. However, getting attacked by an aggressive opponent BEFORE you even get a chance to get your development done is enormously frustrating. The hedgehog system is extremely difficult to set up. The hypopotamus system is a little easier but can still be attacked by an aggressive opponent. Most people are like me not clever but we can learn. How can I get my defensive development completed without interference and attacks from my opponent? If chess is just going to be an exercise of thriving in chaos why bother with it?

  12. A tip: Every time you play, look for:
    1. Checks
    2. Captures
    3. Threats ( on you as well )

    This is how to find a good move. If you do not have any of these, you are either in a closed position or losing. Better play defensively! This is just a summary of the vid.

  13. Pov: you just lost a game as an old player due to a blunder

  14. @Chessvibes Nelson

    For example bro if someone (your opponent) is leaving a strong major piece unatended, chances are it's bait/ a trap unless your versing a newbie

  15. He said that both of these players were in the range of 800-1100? Even the bots at that rating don't make this many obvious blunders! Makes me feel better about my own game. Nelson: you are a very articulate speaker but I have to point out the obvious grammar mistake made several times in the video why you say a player "would have saw". Should be "would have seen". 😊

  16. No way this game is 800 to 1100 these days.. im in the 600s now and the people i play are way better then this

  17. We didn’t need to see the result of this game because we know both players lost.

  18. are you sure these guys are rated 800 to 1100? lol they are more like 400

  19. Xd i need this guy in my head talking when im playing chess

  20. Wow I am struggling at like 500 elo but this game was a blunderfest if I’ve ever seen one! Maybe they were feeling pressured by the timer? I’ve noticed I have been making some blunders myself because of that.

  21. Hey Nelson, the grandmasters make this process every time or they do it unconsciously? Thanks you for this video!

  22. One thing i've learned is when you tired you should stop playing. I did lost streak from 300 to 100 because of this. Stupid thing is i kept on playing.

  23. Your 4 steps are good for puzzles, but not for games because you don't have the time for these 4 steps at each move.
    It's quicker to check only what has changed in the position :
    – what dit this piece do before the move ?
    – what does it do now ?
    – where can it go next move ?
    If you do that after each move of you opponent and before each of your own move, you avoid every 2-moves-blunders.

  24. We who blunder are Garbage Players- Book of Proverbs

  25. Can you make a video about how to avoid queen forks? (I blunder queen forks all the time)

  26. NM Nelson Lopez' ideas give quite some expectations!

  27. It is really funny, but I had like 1200 elo in all three blitz, rapid and bullet and after these steps and some other recommendations I'm now sitting in like 1800 in rapid, 1700 in blitz, but I still suffer around 1200 in bullet. It is really funny, how my brain just cannot adapt to 1-2 minutes chess… when I have like 5+ minutes or 3/2 format, I'm doing not that bad, but when I have bullet format, my brain cannot match up and I blunder so many times, it hurts. Funny is that like 80% time I lose I had winning position, it just hurts. 🤣Still, thank you for this video, it is perfect for people like me, who want learn something.

  28. For three games in a row, I unintentionally sacrificed my Queen.

  29. I switched from 10 to 15 minute games to take more time while following this advice, and it works! Simple, obvious, but it’s so easy to get caught in tunnel vision and blunder. I will be doing this for all my games.

  30. Why were you considering the “under 600 rating“ player`s game ?
    The blunders they made are too beginners, and in this game there were more than 5 from each side…
    May be you wanted to show us what blunder is and how to avoid getting a blunder
    Anyways, thanks for the video. It would be useful, pretty much, for beginners

  31. And also, don't forget. It's not a blunder when it's a sacrifice for a checkmate, greater position, clearance sacrifice, etc.

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