5 Best Chess Opening Traps For Black Against 1.d4

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🔹 5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Queen’s Gambit –
🔹 An Attacking Line Against the Queen’s Gambit –

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 5 best chess opening traps for Black against the White’s first move 1.d4, which is the Queen’s Pawn Game. You will learn the opening traps from the Old Benoni, the Benoni Defense, the Englund Gambit, the Queen’s Gambit, and the Queen’s Indian Defense! 

Best of all, even top-rated players (advanced level players) tend to fall for these traps, as GM Igor Smirnov shows you in the lichess database where players rated above 2700, and even ELO greater than 3000 fall for them! 

► Chapters

00:00 5 Best Chess Opening Traps Against 1,d4
00:09 Trap-1: Old Benoni 1…c5
01:38 ELO 3000 players fall for this trap!
02:00 Trap-2: From the Benoni Defense
04:48 Trap-3: Englund Gambit 1…e5
05:46 Why this trap will work?
07:12 Trap-4: From the Queen’s Gambit Declined
08:45 Trap-5: Unknown trap in the Queen’s Indian Defense
09:59 The Evil Laugh
10:21 What if White tries to trap you?
11:43 Bonus trap: Puzzle for you  

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  1. For the first trap, I used to play the immediate c5 and e6 in my earlier days without really knowing what I was doing. I didn't know how to follow up. Now I do!

  2. Канал ЧиллиПеп Факты says:

    Igor Smirnof is simply the best

  3. What if in the first trap the opponent won't take instead pushes

  4. rook takes bishop then if knight takes rook queen to a 5 check winning the knight so getting two pieces ofr the rook

  5. I think Bxc5 Bxc5 Qa5+ then we can eat the bishop also and we are one pawn up

  6. U r the best teacher with the best vids. These traps are insane

  7. Hmm.. 1st one, why not Qd2; Qxa1; Bb2 penning in the white Q. White trades a B for a Q right??

  8. Шикарный английский! Как будто не успеваю переводить за носителем.

  9. Black Qc3 white Pf6 Black Rh6 white NH6 Black Qf6 is winning move

  10. You blunder irl when you don't use dark mode 🙁

  11. Rook cannot be attacked by queen, white can defend with their knight, with queen supporting the knight. This trap is not workable.

  12. 10:24 – that doesn't make any sense at all. Why would white move the queen? I'd rather protect my Rook with the Bishop (Bishop to B2) and simultaneously counter-attack the black Queen.

  13. I watched this and i used my own creativity to use this trap as white. I was really happy it worked. Only for me it was mid game, after my rook came in to play he resigned.

  14. the Evil laugh at 10:13…thinking you've trapped the R in the corner….well black has not trapped the R….simply move Kn over to D4. blocks the diagonal and is guarded by the Queen.

  15. why is the move 3.dXc5 (1.d4,Nf3; 2.c4,c5; 3.dXc5,…) deadly?

  16. Actually the suggested c5-variants are refuted by d5. White just pushes the pawn and the resulting position is terrible. The engine does ok and probably good players, too, but I just can't handle this white d5 pawn directly in my face with no space to even develop. Yikes …

  17. Best Chess Opening Traps For Black Against king gumbit please!!!!

  18. On the first trap, what if white plays bishop to e3 on his third move? That seems like an obvious move and I don't see how the trap could work.

  19. Question from a noob, at 2:15… why is taking the pawn on C5 deadly?

  20. Is it rook captures a3 knight recaptures queen A5 forking King and the knight?

  21. B×C5 — B×B ,QA5+ then Q will capture the bishop

  22. in the old benoni white can actually trap blacks queen, the video maker cleverly hid this (to overhype his cheap trick advice) by separating the solution to the trap from the setup, notice the pawn structure from 1:30 to 10:21 change, in the original position the pawns block Bb4

  23. I think I may have better luck with this one:

    1 … Rxa3
    2. Nxa3 Qa5+
    3. Qd2 Qxa3

    This should win the bishop and a Knight for a Rook. Should be able to take the C5 Pawn the next move so you'll end up having a bishop and a night in a pawn for a Rook.

    You'll also have given white an obliterated Queen side Pawn structure. I generally don't like losing my rooks to two minor pieces but I think with the quant structure of White's Queen side I might be able to have a goal of it with someone similarly rated to me

  24. why is eating the black pawn at 02:10 "deadly" for white? i think most low lvl opponents will take this pawn making the trap not practical

  25. Recently I used the last example trap of Englund defence in blitz. It's against low rated opponents, so yeah… it worked. 😀

  26. I usually try to go for a king’s Indian defense, which is not bad, but I’m going to try the old beloni

  27. My 395 elo appreciated this video even I understood these traps, looked up the video after a friend played D4 and I wasn’t ready 🤣🤣

  28. at time 4:38 white before taking the queen(d6*c7), at first Da4+ & after Dc6(Dd7 or Fd7? because D*e4), white D*c6. however the white has one more pawn but the black light riders develop & black has a better positon.

  29. trap 3_ white moves Bishop to D2 after losing his Queen. Black Queen trapped.

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