6 Tips To Get Past 1000 – The most common chess mistakes – How to get better at chess for beginners

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In this video I share 6 common reasons chess players get stuck at the 1000 chess rating and below. I will share tips and tricks on how to get better at chess and improve your chess rating quickly. Chess tactics and chess strategy are some of the top reasons chess players fail to get past 1000. By improving your chess tactics, you will rapidly increase your chess rating. Chess openings and endgames are also important, but nothing is more important than becoming a chess master at tactics. The tactics books I recommend above will get you will on your way to improving your visualization and chess skills.


  1. Nice one, thank you.
    Adds up to more than 100% because some games involved two or more losing strategies. He's been analysing my hands 😉

  2. Recently started watching your channel and love it! Hoping to crack the 900 barrier shortly.

    I've been playing casually off and on for about 25 years but I only really got serious about it 6 months ago.

    Your videos have helped a lot. Now to start focusing on tactical errors and blunders 🙂 . I'll be buying that book on tactics.

  3. I've been White at 6:30 many times and usually don't come out ahead. I don't see how advancing the Knight accomplishes anything. Why can't Black just take the Knight?

  4. From 700 to 1100👏. My goal is to reach 1800.

  5. With your tips I crossed 900+ in one day and hoping to cross 1000

  6. I have done thousands of puzzles (4,130) to be exact, and I don't feel like I've learned anything. I solve only about 60% of them , my puzzle rating on lichess stays around 1500. None of it stays with me, because it doesn't teach me anything. If I get a puzzle wrong, even if I analyze the puzzle and see how I made a mistake, if the pieces are even slightly different on the board for the next puzzle, none of it looks the same. Yes there are some patterns that are easy to recognize regardless of board configuration, but those are the ones I solve. I think the truth about chess is, there are no shortcuts. Plenty of chess content creators like to make content "teaching" people how to get better at chess, and outside of steering people in the right direction, it's somewhat like golf. It will take you years to get good at chess. You will spend a decade playing chess to get to where you want to be, and at that point you will wonder why you spent that much time playing chess instead of starting a business, or doing something productive. Chess instructors should be more candid about this. Stop misleading people to believe they can get good at chess by watching your tutorial, or taking your course. It's a lie. Tell them the truth. Tell them they probably aren't going to be very good at chess anytime soon, and while the courses and coaching may help, the only thing that's going to work is a decade of consistently playing chess.

  7. Is the 1000 rating for 10 minute games or 5 minutes ones?

  8. Bro see nowadays 900 is intermediate level it's really hard to win a game

  9. I was rated 1000 now im rated 10000 just from watching this video what incredible progress

  10. What a great way to explain the board. The talent of coaching/training is often overlooked in any skilled area. Well done.

  11. I've played games where I thought I had smothered mate but I just blundered queen forgetting the king can take it hahaha I've done a lot of smothered mates but it always makes me laugh when I do something dumb like just throwing my queen in without doing the Knight jump stopping the king capturing the queen lol

  12. Great series. Any plans to do any more in this series

  13. At 7:00 you could also consider Nh4 to attack the queen and defend the mate threat.

  14. instead of playing Ng5 I played I played Ne1 in a simular position and evaluation said it was the best and my opponent blundered by removing the mate

  15. Watched this once and a few days later now at 1100 ELO lol

  16. Pretty useful, not hard to remember. Perfect content for people who are bad at chess but want to improve. Thank.

  17. Wonderful video! Quick question – what time control did you collect data from?

  18. I’m stuck at 1100ish for a year now.
    Not that I don’t know or see the moves.
    I just can’t see them until after I made the move 😢😢😢

  19. I found your channel the other day. Really clear and very well explained lessons. You deserve many more views than you have!

  20. 3:55
    My dumb ass said bishop to c4,
    Thought was to try and recreate the trap for an additional piece.

    I see how it drags the game out. I have trouble seeing such clever Mates

  21. I'm 1032 and in puzzles on lichess I'm 1778, so I dunno why I'm not improving, I noticed that I'm starting to make less blunders but I keep making more mistakes, but I have taken a lot of lessons on endgames so my mistakes are in the middle game, but blundering is till an issue

  22. One of my fav chess quotes: if you saw something good look for something better!

  23. I think this is a more accurate representation of my rating. Although I only am rated between 600-700 I don't seem to struggle with the issues in your first 2 breakthrough videos. I develop my pieces, castle before move 10 and usually have no more than 1 blunder a game, sometimes 2 but more often than not its 1 or 0.
    I can beat all the 1000 level bots, yet when I come to play real people, I still lose or at least really struggle to win against 500-700 rated people… what am I missing here?

  24. Lack of endgame knowledge is the one that's messing me up.

  25. 7:29 I think you also win a bishop because if black moves the bishop away after Ng5, Bxf7+ which wins the queen and a pawn for a knight and bishop and stops black from castling

  26. I've been able to push up to mid 800s, but usually lose to over 900 players. So my skill level is probably what you'd call low 800s.

  27. I got to 1000 today and now i am 1088 1000 play like 200 Seriously they blunder there queen so i win ever match

  28. pls what sound is this?? (piece moving/capturing sound)

  29. The last time I got to 950 I then got slammed down to 830. I am now at 1035. What helped me was always attacking as much as possible, and sometimes a Scotch Gambit and Fish hook Gabmit actually work. I better start doing tactic puzzles and study endgames.

  30. Thanks to annoying early game queen players, I could pass 1000 over 1200s. They made me stronger about this )) (But at first I lost many games)

  31. I'm 1600 but watching this because I think every your video is useful

  32. I am stuck at 1000 for around 2weeks. The problem is I still make blunders

  33. let me save you 15 minutes. he says, do more puzzles.

  34. 8:33 even worse if he takes your queen couse there is no checkmate threat anymore couse he can escape to e7

  35. i got a tactics mistake on my game to get 1300 I had a brilliant move and everything but I missed the idea of taking his bishop for free and then threatening checkmate I went straight for the checkmate not realizing his rook was defended by not just the knight but the bishop i took the knight with a rook then took the other rook with my rook thinking checkmate but no the game went on and he took my rook with his bishop and won the game after picking off my pawns

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