6 Tips To Get Past 1000 – The most common chess mistakes – How to get better at chess for beginners

Recommended Endgame Book:
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Recommended Tactics Books:
☞ 1001 Deadly Checkmates β™œπŸ“˜
☞ 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate β™œπŸ“™

Practice Chess Here β™š β™› β™š β™›

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In this video I share 6 common reasons chess players get stuck at the 1000 chess rating and below. I will share tips and tricks on how to get better at chess and improve your chess rating quickly. Chess tactics and chess strategy are some of the top reasons chess players fail to get past 1000. By improving your chess tactics, you will rapidly increase your chess rating. Chess openings and endgames are also important, but nothing is more important than becoming a chess master at tactics. The tactics books I recommend above will get you will on your way to improving your visualization and chess skills.


  1. Looking forward to the next video, great series so far, I'm pushing for 1300 which I've never reached before πŸ™‚

  2. Just cracked 900! Let's go! Thanks for the guidance

  3. These videos are great and very useful for students. The distinction between blunders and tactics mistakes is very useful, something a basic computer analysis doesn't pick up

  4. Thanks. Great video.
    But your percentages add to 130!

  5. Really digging this series thanks! Do you ever do 1 on 1 classes? Would love to do a collaboration if you're down! Regardless thanks again for the content.

  6. I'm bad at tactics. I have gotten to 1080 elo after around 150 hours of just playing games, no real studying.

  7. just subbed! nice vid! have tournament today. inform you after it.

  8. First chess video i have seen for a long long time that i feel really explains things clearly and simply so i can effectively improve my current rating. I am subscribing. How come i have only come across this guy now. That knight move that was better than losing a rook gee i used to do that all the time.

  9. Best chess channel in the game. Keep doing these vids Nelson

  10. Sir can you suggest some books for 1000 rated players.

  11. What happens to me is whenever I blunder I realise it as soon as I play it. It's weired but do you have any suggestions for me?

  12. Love your videos – please never begin to talk faster, or use voice cut of techniques – just stay relaxed and explain things patiently. Thank you.

  13. Am i the only one who has days where blunders are the norm and you lose many gamens in a row…

  14. I got to 1067 on dropped to 950. I play 4 games per day and have been on a losing streak and berily winning since the 19th and yh I think you're right. I have alr been doing puzzles every single day before tho so.

  15. Hey nelson, I was wondering if you could give an openings recommendation video for 1000 elo players. Thank you. Also I'd just like to say that I really like your content and I think it's very helpful

  16. How long would you recommended doing puzzles per day as I’m 1400 on lichess at blitz and 1600 on puzzles

  17. Sir… I dub ye β€˜The Greatest You Tube Chess Coach in the World’. Have you thought about writing a book? Your videos are well prep’d- easy to understand and apply. I am very much looking forward to more instruction from your fantastic channel!

  18. I'm also stuck at 1000. Thanks for helping me 😊

  19. At 8:40, wouldn't they just take your queen rather than your knight. There's no mate threat since the knight isn't blocking e7

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