7 MOST COMMON Chess Mistakes

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You are making these 7 mistakes if you are a beginner or intermediate player. Fix it now!
0:00 Intro
0:42 Mistake 1: Trading
6:42 Mistake 2: Fake Training
10:21 Mistake 3: One-Movers
17:41 Mistake 4: Same Errors
22:19 Mistake 5: Time Management
29:27 Mistake 6: Selfish Brain

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  1. Man, what a great video…! Helped alot! Thanx 👍🏼

  2. He's just saying "think before every move" in whole video.

  3. The funny thing is, I suck at endgames, yet I do everything in my power to trade down into an endgame.

  4. Bro, all these just happened to my opponents today.

  5. İ love your videos man i look up to you and want to be just as good as you one day. You're so inspiring and i am learning so much Alhamdullilah

  6. Actually I just watch the endgame principles and such things

  7. watching the one-movers section
    So this is what I've been doing wrong the whole time.
    Thank you.

  8. Now i can see the mistake i make…everytime

  9. imagine not doing those mistakes and still you are not world champion

  10. You are obviously into Kosher Food. What's the best Kosher Food to eat to boost your rating for that Big Tournament?

  11. Thank you for teaching me that beacaues I am becoming better player

  12. That time management one is real. God help the person that played 30 min chess with me recently. The dude was in a very winning position because I pea-brained and hung my queen (the selfish-brain in very much effect there), but blundered it all, because he was just too slow. He stalled setting his opener, thought too long on every move and I knew I could take advantage of this as soon as things got bad for me. I played very passive, so that eventually he'd start making alot of blunders trying to make up time. Eventually I restabilized enough that by the time he was on his last 15 seconds and really wanted to promote to make up for all the mistakes, I just used my knight to run his king in circles until his time ran out. For greater context on the time-difference, I won the game with like 7: 48 on the clock. I can't deny it felt dirty and I can only imagine the feeling you'd get when you spent like 52 minutes watching a winning position slip out of your control due to time. It was the moment when I couldn't laugh at another "Lose at chess" video with a clear conscience again, because that match felt like it belonged in that series, I played so atrociously and somehow got away with it.

  13. The FINAL mistake should be detailed in this video FIRST.
    Mental health, happiness, addiction, dopamine feed & addiction, self worth and confidence can ALL be affected by the way people play, tilt, misunderstand..

  14. When you start making just 1 blunder per game instead of 5 😎

  15. you werent even looking for it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. In tournament games I sometimes completely blunder winning opening advantages …Last time it happen in Vienna …He fall for it and retreat the knight …still I lose even with time advantage..

  17. Mistake #2: its just a game bro calm down. Ur playing for fun. Don't forget that.

  18. Then what should we move, sometimes i spend 5 minutes thinking about a move there is not one, it happens in mid game.

  19. Me after watching this video:
    ELO goes up from 380-405
    Me: I've beaten chess

  20. What a fabulous no nonsense straight forward lesson. How many of us said ‘yep I do that’ , and that, and that lol. Laughed at myself the entire vid. Thank you so much!

  21. ok you might me not the best player but your clearly the best coatch

  22. There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents- Bob Ross

  23. Yesterday, I was playing a game that I felt I played fairly nicely. Thought out my moves, set up traps, even had a few decent pins.

    Until I hung my queen, near the end. Shortly thereafter I resigned.

    The wrath and disappointment of Levy I've incurred looms over me. 😅😂😭😭😭


  24. My mistakes are:
    Fake Training
    Same Errors

    Thanks, Levy

  25. Me after watching you grandmaster I'm coming for you

  26. "By the end of 12 moves, half the armies were gone and did not know what the heck is going on"…….LOL you got me rolling by this statement. so funny

  27. You need to trade a knight to play the Halloween gambit

  28. Thanks for thèse great pieces of advice

  29. In mistake 2 he says to recite these setups, but how do you find a place to teach you that?

  30. Thanks for the video Levy I am guilty of mistake 7 for sure! Can anyone please explain why I can beat chess ai with an elo of 1800 but lose to chess ai with an elo of 1300?

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