7 Most Successful Gambits

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These chess gambits will show up in the King’s Gambit, Elephant Gambit, Alekhine’s Defense, Caro-Kann, Italian Game, and Vienna Game. You will win a lot of easy games if your opponents fall into these gambits, so pay attention!

The gambits in this video are:
1) Elephant Gambit – Wasp Variation
2) Triple Muzio Gambit
3) Fried Liver Attack
4) Silberschmidt Gambit
5) Matsukevich Gambit
6) Meitner-Mieses Gambit
7) Landau Gambit

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – New patron shoutout!
1:18 – Gambit 1 (61% Win Rate)
3:13 – Gambit 2 (62% Win Rate)
6:40 – Gambit 3 (68% Win Rate)
8:06 – Gambit 4 (66% Win Rate)
10:39 – Gambit 5 (66% Win Rate)
14:16 – Gambit 6 (69% Win Rate)
17:18 – Gambit 7 (86% Win Rate)

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  1. Gambit 2 :
    You have to know this focus
    Here's the move it starts with
    They know
    But just the first part
    It's tricky but it's ok
    If you stick with me
    She slides
    Takes the b
    Cha ku cha
    Take the b
    But she can't take the d
    Forgot to watch the thing

  2. 2:05 what if white had used bishop instead of knight, to capture the pawn and also check?

  3. Gambit 5: don't take the pawn… Kick the bishop away with a pawn

  4. Just wanna let you know nasty triple fork for white 9:54 with the knight on g6

  5. Just to point out that in the 7th Gambit near the start of it the knight on F6 can move to G4 as it is protected by the light squared bishop thus making the queens defence useless.


  7. Thank you!
    I used the Fried Liver Attack and my enemy didn't know how to respond so I got a mate in 9!

  8. For the 7th one, I learned the Caro-Kann from Levy, and a rule of thumb of his is to take the e pawn on the third move if black’s d pawn can take it, so the 7th gambit won’t be that efficient against Gotham fans

  9. Gambit 1 you just take with the bishop and check the king, and black has nothing

  10. Knight can defend against queen in gambit 6 when queen moves into play against the pawn to pin with queen defense?? Why would black play a pawn or even the queen? Knight is the best outcome

  11. 5:58 Black can easily take with the bishop the knight! Bxe6

  12. 9:56 the knight can actually fork the queen and the king in that position

  13. 09:52 There are not even any threats (just a triple queen-rook-king fork, no biggie)

  14. Man this is what programming languages are for, to automate things.

  15. 9:38 . Why is the white knight not capturing the pawn? (Instead of the bishop)

  16. The matsukavitch gambit is really deadly people. Be careful with that gambit

  17. It's kinda hard to say "this is usually what they do" while the database simultaneously says "no games found" on move 12

  18. but if the guy advance the pawn (f7) attacking the bishop, instead of taking one of the pawns in the center on gambit 6?

  19. i came from a chess tournament and just now i have seen this video and i won even though my oponent did gambit 1

  20. 2:06 what if the bishop captures on f7 checking the king? What would we do

  21. i usually dont like playing gambits because usually its risky and also it feels cheaty to win without even applying ur brain
    very often all you're doing is playing some moves you memorised while your opponent has to actually think if they dont know the opening

  22. Thanks very much. I thought i would never use landau gambit but second game after watching video i played aganist caro kann and won easily 🙂

  23. 12:21 couldn't black move to f6, threatening the bishop and blocking the threat on the queen?

  24. 12:27 Why did you not explain why f6 can not be played? I didn't see any reason why it is not a good move that drives the dark-squared bishop away

  25. 17:02 You didn't cover what happens if the bishop takes or black declines

  26. 5:56 have you wondered why Qf5 was played 7 times by black, and none of the responses were Nd6+?

    It's because it doesn't work lmao. The bishop on f8 just takes the knight.

  27. Need to prepare better your vids Nelson, you are suggesting many blunder movies to your viewers…

  28. I wouldn't say the last one is a gambit. That's literally a trap.

  29. 18:17 their Knight can retreat to g4. Our queen threat on it means nothing bc they have a bishop watching that square

  30. Min 9:50 my guy said not any threats while I see the Nasty Kg6 fork

  31. the only gambit that actually success is the queen’s gambit lol

  32. These are great gambits! I think the only problem with some of these are it might take some time to get a game with similar or the same position. Regardless great job 👍!

  33. After this video I played the fried liver sacrifice and its amazing everything went as planned and I crushed them thank you

  34. Hi? Nelson, your calculation wasn't accurated as it should be because, as we can see, Knight can move as "knight: f4" since the queen cannot take it because if the queen takes it then the bishop will take the queen! (18:12). That being said, there is no pork in the last gambit!

  35. I've watching a lot of gambits and openings, but I have a bad memory so I only remember the first 2 or 3 moves and wouldn't be able to follow through.

  36. I love to do a gambit similar to the elephant, its the italian version (or bobby bo 😉)

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