9 Year Old Girl Hustles Trash Talker With Brutal Queen Sac! Queen’s Gambit IRL! Ruyi vs Boston Mike

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Will you see the BRUTAL queen sac coming???


  1. A beginner to chess, but can someone tell me when her queen checked his king, why couldnt he have just taken the queen with his king?

  2. Why didn’t he take her queen when she checked him. He let her win.

  3. I like when the trash talker breaks character, he is nice and fun

  4. at time 2:56 she took the pawn when he could have took with the night

  5. Homie almost called that kid in the background a fuc face.. but corrected to fluff cake… wow. Nice save 😅

  6. ah dont get me wrong but in 6:07 it was easy chekmate man move knight to f6 king moves to h8 then queen moves to g8 and its mate

  7. That little girl can play. Grandmaster in the making

  8. Good to see Asian girl smash white trash .😊

  9. I didnt know you can refuse resignation from your opponent LOL

  10. i guess she was programmed to concentrate on the chess

  11. That is so precious. Seeing young people learn and grow is about the only thing that makes me feel good about the world.

  12. I saw Qxf7 then Nf6, theres a discovery check with the queen so pawn cant take the knight, then slide the rook to the top and its done deal. Very fun exercise, content and character!

  13. That guy was obnoxious he should not be in any tournament

  14. Why is a young child wearing a god damned mask?

  15. “Alright ill offer u a draw”


    crowd laughs


    Sigma girl🗿

  16. At that age i was still wondering why is the moon keeps following me wherever i go 💀

  17. Bro I’m 1000, I honestly thought they were better, and I don’t even play chess that much 💀

  18. Kids can be so amazing. She should be a treasure to her parents.

  19. I dont think hes trash talking hes just playing with her😂

  20. I started playing like a week ago so maybe I'm gonna sound like an idiot but I thought when that moment when Mike played Be6 offering the trade and Ruyi was like ok "we can trade but on my terms" and she went back to b3 accepting a trade that actually let his rook out onto a nice open file by recapturing with the a pawn was really coo and I'm definitely gonna use it on my games.

    I sometimes try to do that in my games (400 ELO) but seeing it work for her here was really satisfying. She inspires me to become better and I've learned some new things watching this game because I usually end up in these middlegame positions believe or not in my low elo with e4 e5, gg to both of you shame that Mike blundered the horse there 🙁

  21. You don’t need the AI to know that his moves are against the basic rules of chess.

  22. It would still going LF the guy blocked the queen’s attack with the pawn

  23. Super fun game. I like Mike a lot. His motivation style is perfect for young people…

  24. 2:45 Bxh6, gxh6, Qxh6, and ideas with the knight and the rook and it’s very dangerous for black

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