A Beautiful Checkmate Trap | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick for Black in the Italian Game (Giuoco Piano) to Trap & Checkmate the White king in just 15 Moves.
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  1. when the teacher is explaining a new subject💀

  2. Did this and my opponent took the rook instead of the queen…

  3. Warning: play this against an ideal opponent 😂

  4. after my queen gone, there is NO WAY opponent takes all my bait. Instead they play ROOK e1 🙄

  5. When black will attack the queen, any idiot will put pawn in front and took the bishop and you are qeenless

  6. You sound like you wanna help me with getting my computer virus taken out

  7. Me: tries this trap on my opponent

    opponent: * plays another move *

    Me: bro that wasnt in the script

  8. but if they take the rook instead of your queen your basicly fu**ed

  9. my opponents will take the Queen and run from the game claiming there is nothing else to play for for VICTORY IS THEIRS! 😩

  10. Just make sure to discuss the moves with the opponent beforehand.

  11. As this is my favorite white opening my opponents often try that but i never react like this?

  12. I don't understand chess, but I'm watching these videos and slowly, very slowly understanding a bit

  13. Instead of h3 what if opponent plays f3… The mate is immediately stopped and now we are down a queen??

  14. Trust m guys, never gonna work against me. Imma blunder my rook waayy before your brilliancy

  15. E5 is a free pawn in this position after knight takes. Recapturing results in a fork, which gives white the entire center, unless you can come up with something better to defend against that with. Castling is cool, but playing the bishop out is a loss of a pawn if he chooses to play NxE5, i think.

  16. Could have had checkmate faster moving the rook to h2

  17. What happens if white queen takes bishop in 4th move from last?

  18. if suppose he is taking the knight then what should we do

  19. What if queen moves to the side instead of forward?

  20. Who ever that guy was he got emotional damaged

  21. Did he just sacrifice his ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK?!!

  22. Why wouldn’t white move queen to E2 to capture night?

  23. It's not checkmate there is 1 more move (H2) place where king could

  24. Opponent: *takes Rook instead of Queen.
    Me: Wait that's not how it works

  25. I hope someone uses this trap to me. Ill stick to the script but after I capture his queen, I play some other moves 😂

  26. "You attack, he goes back."
    Reality: you attack, takes your fucking knight.

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