A Beginner Lesson in the Ponziani Opening

In this video, I give a chess lesson to PogChamps 4 Participant @Fundy on how to play the Ponziani Opening for white. The Ponziani is a simple and tricky opening that can be very effective at the beginner level. Learn more about PogChamps 4:
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  1. Eric your a wicked good teacher but excuse me if Im not so switched on is there any way you can slow down some of your combinations like the ponziani opening combinations and others because it gets abit fast to remember the different moves and counter moves with out pausing and going back constantly .not sure if anyone else has this same problem if not I guess don't worry about it .thanks mate appreciate your vids

  2. What piece of software is Eric using to share the board with his student?

  3. YOU ARE AWESOME ty for the videos and sharing your knowledge are you on Facebook?

  4. What's the safest opening for beginner players? I want something I can play every time to get the game going. I'm clueless about openings, but good at mid-game.

  5. I tried playing this when I saw a five minute video. Didn't work. Watched this, more depth and lines. Played it again for the first time and won with ease! Thanks from a two month experienced Chess player.

  6. Hi i'm a new player at around 900 right now (I was 700 before watching that video so this single handedly got me +200 in just a couple weeks) BUT I find myself struggling when people at this level often never move their D7 pawn and I'm too trash to figure out a way to take advantage of it

  7. the term at 11.51 is "en passant" rule 😀 for noobs like me 🙂 welcome

  8. Came here for the cool info from eric, then realized he's teaching Fundy and enjoyed it even more. Really fun seeing 2 of my favorite youtubers have the most unexpected collab

  9. Literally the first person I pulled the queen knight trap off of resigned immediately 🤣🤣🤣

  10. I just started using the ponziani and it helped me break my losing streak, thank you for sharing 👍

  11. Good morning, could you help me. Could I send you a pgn file of a game in which I played ponziane. If at all possible, how could I send the file.

  12. 12:30 black takes d pawn with Bishop and then castles after white knight takes knight, threatening to pin the Queen if you move the knight

  13. Would you only recommend this for beginners? Or is this good for intermediate and advanced players too? Or is this refuted in higher level?

  14. i just figured the name of the opening i've been playing as white for the past couple months and the lessons ive learned on this video filled me with gratitude really thank you so much man

  15. This is the only opening i ever played with white . And got me from 1000 to 1500.

  16. This is actually a really great trap / opening for white because of the many forcing variations this opening has. Most people don't know counterplay against these lines. This opening will surely help me improve as a chess player. Thank for the opening!

  17. Love the video format. Great teacher bouta play this haha

  18. The way eric talks makes me feel like it’s difficult for him to speak

  19. I tried this as soon as I watch the opening sequence and it worked so well. Just amazing

  20. Okay this seems really dangerous. Thank god I'm nowhere near 2000

  21. Is it still possible to play the ponziani if black doesn’t play knight to C6 on their 2nd move?

  22. My problem is that I get to deal with such a opponent that he will make me forget my moves and plans

  23. When white forks the black knights – pawn to d5. It's blacks move. They move Knight to whatever clearing the path to the king – white queen to a4. I don't understand how that's check mate? Next move is Black queen to block the king no? Sacrifice your queen?

  24. Going to send this to Levi to help him beat you

  25. Today I have a chance to play with a grand master and I am eager to try this opening

  26. Seriously the best chess education you can get. Thanks brother.

  27. I’m definitely playing this because I play the delayed alapin

  28. Ok I went from losing to stockfish 4 to beating 5 on lichess with this. Thanks Eric

  29. Umm i have a question about this opening cuz i have a game today opponent goes 3…Bc5. What to do when the opponent does that?

  30. Just finished watching one of Fundy's mc videos and then switch to this but I can still hear Fundy, thought I was going mad XD
    Another fantastic lesson I don't know what I would do to learn chess without these thank you Lord Eric!

  31. The Nemo resigning trap! My first game trying it out I won the material using that baited pawn

  32. 19:56 The only move I'm worried about here is Qb6 from black (I was going through this with an engine), it's still supposed to be crushing for white, but the follow ups (that the engine suggests at least) seem less intuitive for me to play as a new player.

  33. At 11:57 i think this move is illlegal in chess cause i have never seen a pawn do this i am sure this is illegal and not a legal chess move
    If its not someone help me pls

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