A Beginner Lesson in the Ponziani Opening

In this video, I give a chess lesson to PogChamps 4 Participant @Fundy on how to play the Ponziani Opening for white. The Ponziani is a simple and tricky opening that can be very effective at the beginner level. Learn more about PogChamps 4:
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  1. I'm a King's Gambit player, but I'm thinking of switching to the Ponziani Opening

  2. You are the best Chess content creator out there. I love your videos Eric. Following your speedrun journey has been so education – I’m on the Ponziani episode (ep ~22) which lead me here. I hope to meet you one day if you’re ever in the UK!

  3. He damn near copied Gotham chess step for step

  4. Whenever you pin a knight with a bishop why wouldnt black just attack with pawn to a6?

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