Attacking Middlegame Strategy in The London System Opening

In this video you will learn attacking middlegame strategy in The London System Opening for the white pieces to win fast. This easy to learn opening for white and black will allow you to develop the pieces and castle quickly, but today I would like to share how to attack in the middlegame when you have your pieces already developed. One of the most common questions I get as a chess coach are: what to do in the middlegame, how to attack in chess, when to attack in chess, how to defend a kingside attack, what is my middlegame plan/strategy, what to do after you develop your pieces. That’s what we are going to be answering in this video.

The London System, is an opening system in chess that can be used against virtually any black defense and thus comprises a smaller body of opening theory than many other openings. The London System is a popular 1.d4 opening for White which has the reputation of being very solid. The London is considered a system because White can play the same basic setup for almost all of Black’s responses. For this reason, the theory on the London is not as extensive as it is for other openings.

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  1. Bro most of the time my opponents tarde with white bishop..😑

  2. I was hoping this was how to attack the London system. But defending against it is almost as good.

  3. Instead of the knight moving to F7, could the other night move to G5 and if pawn takes bishop can take threatening to take the knight on F6, and if he doesn’t take the knight or move the king then you can Royal fork E6🥳…. Or no…

  4. That was an amazing example. I have never seen a London attack with such forceful attack

  5. I would like to say I got into a very similar position in a game today and although it wasn’t the same, I managed to sacrifice a knight, bishop, and a few moves later a rook and I mated the opponents king on E7

  6. I get scared when sacrificing lol I get clapped most of the time

  7. Something with your sound mix is not very pleasant

  8. Thanks for this really struggling with my middle game especially when it gets really crowded .

  9. I know this comment is kinda late, but you can also long castle since the other rook(which you didnt castle with) will be able to help with the king side attack, just trade the pawn infront of the rook and the rook and the queen and some bishops will be able to pressure the opponents king

  10. D4 ok so .., I will rewatch this tutorial. Thanks Coach, I will subscribe .

  11. In the combination, the opening of the f-file was the thing I don't see.

  12. Been looking for attacking idea videos like this forever. This is perfect! Liked and subbed.

  13. Kestony really deserves 100x the subs . One of the most underrated channels on YouTube.

  14. This is an excellent explanation. Thank you.

  15. Correct me if I’m wrong, but after the Knight sac, is E5 not okay for black? After the queen moves, E4, N3E5…. I mean I guess white won a pawn, but their bishop is terrible.

  16. At 6:45 the choice of using a rook or queen to position on the same file as the opponent's king Or to sacrifice a piece and cause the king to step into the rook's file, That is the way to think about it. The goal and the two different methods available.

  17. 1 d4 e6 2 Bf4 g5! (The London gives Black equality which means something only at the world title level. Long as you don't want to become a champion it's a good opening). 1 d4 e6 2 Bf4 c5 is fine. There are no "magic openings" also the QID setup does very well against it.

  18. Engines > coaches (all my stuff is free online)

  19. very interesting, despite none skilled player as black will let you reach that favorable position to attack, they will destroy your complex structure way before.

  20. great stuff. this is the kinda london stuff i need.

  21. Or don't play people that play boring london games.

  22. A lot of thank for making and sharing your video!!

  23. I'm like 300 and I played the 1300 computer trying to learn the London. I had a huge advantage the computer said. Then London bridges came crashing down I miscalculated one move and completely lost.

  24. Great video, but what’s the play if whites 2nd move is bishop to f5, which seems quite likely? I tried alternative scenarios but couldn’t make the attack work, and swapping out the bishops doesn’t help as you need both bishops in the end game to gain the advantage? Any ideas welcome, thanks.

  25. Thank you I love the londan so helpful!


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