Basic Chess Opening Trap | Antidote against Slav gone wrong

The 8-year-old boy went to his father to learn an antidote against the Slav Defence. The father teaches his son a very nice idea. Next day the son goes to the tournament and tries it out! However, it ends in a fiasco! Why did this happen? Check it out in this new episode of the Basic Opening Chess Trap!


  1. Is it Dad or chess encliclopidia, he know every plans against any openings and variations

  2. we want to see the 8 yr old boy

    plz like here

  3. I was missing the 8 year old boy.
    Thanks for bringing him back. 😂😊

  4. Missed this series a lot. Thank you 💖. Please continue this forever.

  5. Old sagar is back guys ggs sagar bhai 👍👍

  6. The eight year old boy must be very lucky as everytime his opponent fall into his preparation.

  7. Ab toh 9 saal ka kar do iss ladke ko🙏🏻

  8. Is the eight yr old boy is sagar shah ?? 😅

  9. Moral of the story : baap baap hota hai…

    Salute sagar bhai 🥰

  10. Anyone can fall for this trap when playing for the first time. Good selection!

  11. The luckiest boy as his opponent always play according to his preparation 😂

  12. Sagar bhai let the boy grow old please!we won't have any problem if he becomes 10/11 and onwards .xD

  13. Son: you were wrong dad
    Dad: yes ,it seems so… should've taught you this trap aswell

  14. A very good one 😆😅🤣

  15. ChessBase India are the best!!! Congratulations

  16. The boy is lucky that is getting all his prep on the board,I never get it that soon🙂🙂🙂

  17. Legend says that boy is still 8years old

  18. was missing this series per 8 year wala ab 9 ka ho gya

  19. Please SOMEONE TELL me from where to BUY THIS CHESS BOARD

  20. Sagar Shah completed a stack of basic opening chess traps videos. minecraft players will understand.

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