Basic Chess Opening Trap | How Garry Kasparov lost in 7 moves | Queen’s Gambit Accepted

Garry Kasparov is widely known as an opening expert in the world of chess. So it is very surprising that he could fall into an opening trap and lose his game in just 7 moves. The defence that can be used here is that Kasparov is out of touch and hence fell into the trap. However, things are a little deeper than that. Mamedyarov played a line which is not so well known. IM Sagar Shah decodes this basic opening trap in the Queen’s Gambit Accepted.

Video: ChessBase India
Thumbnail: Lennart Ootes

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  1. Garry was so away from chess that he didn't even knew the basic opening traps.

  2. I couldn't believe that Kasparov lost in 7 moves..

  3. Garry will comeback! He was 13th World Championship for a reason ❤️❤️
    BTW, this should be a part of clips channel.
    Love from Assam ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Garry The Great And Terrible became Garry Seven Moves!

  5. moral of the story: never accept QUEENS GAMBIT ….

  6. Sagar sir you said that everyone will start making videos that Garry lost in 7 moves, this is not good but you yourself made it 😂😂😂😂. Content ka chakar babu bhaiya

  7. After seeing Garry blunder, I'm happy how Anand sir is still punching heavy weights, after staying away from OTB for a long time.

  8. Garry wasn't himself after 0,5/5 and I didn't enjoy the game, because I feel the age, too, it starts, when you turn +-40 and there's no escape of deterioration in all aspects, so work hard and achieve your goals before your turning point.

  9. Lost in 7 moves, Garry fans may not like

  10. Omg, first game I have watched of Garry sir…so amazing 💥🙏

  11. this is not opening trap, it is just opening moves of Black are inaccurate, this is very normal line of queens gambit with opening principles

  12. The GOAT will always be the GOAT I'm sure Garry will play better today

  13. 3:13 reminds me of Garry's game against Vishy in Evan's Gambit 1995 where Queen is awkwardly placed on e7 and King in the center is helpless. The last move of that game was also Re1!.

  14. This is a Classic example of life..For being good in something at any stage of life, consistency and practice is a must..Even the best of their times can fail in the course of evolution..Its"Survival of the Fittest" indeed..

  15. Garry Chess needs to invent chess 2.0 , the current version has a lot of bugs .

  16. Sagar Bhai yesterday, " Oh Garry lost!? He shouldn't have resigned, now everyone will make videos, Garry would be thinking why he signed up for this "
    Sagar Bhai today:- I never thought I'd make a basic openings video with Garry Kasparov"

  17. Garry Kasparov will always be the legend no matter what

  18. I have to be a GM like him to know you have lost in 7moves

    We cant even see that going

  19. This is call time …. Great garry kasparov who dominate world around 30 year now even forget basic principle…. Same great wall rahul dravid was clean bold in first ball in charity match …time is everything..

  20. 2:43 some masters fall this trap but managed to win with black I played same variation with white d3 is strong move

  21. Today garry will comeback and crush the field with 9/9… Never mess with the russian G.O.A.T in chess.

  22. Lesson learned : Never accept the Queens gambit of ur white opponent

  23. When was this game played man ..which tournament… please clarify …

  24. Sagar Shah teaching kasparov how to play chess 😂😂😂

  25. Over confidence trumped by arrogance. Bobby Fischer never treated the open moves lightly, far less, carelessly. This loss not a surprise to many of us. Thank you for posting it ~.

  26. Why is kasparov doing this?
    he knows that he is a big name in chess. so if he plays in a chess tournment he is sure to catch attention and can use this attention for both, promotion of product he is affiliated to and also chess in general. So why nt play in any random chess event. Kasparov also knows that if he plays against another not so strong opponent or a former chess player than he will get little attention but not as much as he would get by playing against the current strongest chess players.

    I am not saying this to undermine kasparov's intentions. infact we love such match ups and we love to see. I just want to point that this matches has little to do with who is strong player and who is stronger. Kasparov is playing to create the content for us viewers and that is awesome.

  27. The worst part was his demeanor throughout the tournament was very bad

  28. No more of these events with Garry please. This is not how I want to remember him by. There comes a time in life when we have to know when it is time to hang up our pawns. With Garry that time has arrived.

  29. At least Qd7 was better and next move you could have have done Be7

  30. Garry should have watched sagar sir's 8 yo boy videos

  31. People who think it's a shameful fiasco for the GOAT should check out any one of his games from 90s. This man gave nightmares to the later world champs, Kramnik and Anand.

  32. Everyone talks about Garry,but no one appreciates Shakhriyar's ingenious play, like Kasparov being old or smth is the only thing matters,while there's also Anand who is playing solid

  33. I really liked this video. I'm not nearly on Gary's level but I think when I play too much, and burnout and get impatient, I've found myself in his position many times, a step behind from the beginning, and quickly marching into my own defeat.

  34. Yes, it was a complete shock to see this unfolding. On the other hand, I do not have great expectations from Garry, I firmly believe he has done more than enough for chess, will always be undefeated in that manner.

  35. thats hardly a trap. Kasparov played a weak opening move.

  36. garrys has had many loses lately OFF the board. so be easy on Garry. Hes been threw hell over the last year. his mother and his longtime coach died.

  37. If Garry had played Nc6 instead of Nf6, computer analysis shows that it still wouldn't be a good move, but not nearly as bad as Nf6. Why is this the case? Thanks.

  38. Kasparov now is a weak player! chess is changed ! He has remained to 20 years ago when chess software were weak! His level of play is so poor he should play chess just in the park against kids! If continues people will take joke of him!!!!!

  39. You are talking too much , And your voice so annoying.

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