Basic Chess Opening Traps | London System refutation gone wrong

London System is a popular opening these days. How do you refute it? The 8-year-old boy got an idea from his dad! He was very excited to try it out at the tournament next day! So he went and played as his dad had instructed. And guess what happened! Debacle, of course! But how? Check out in this video!

This video is inspired by the knowledge shared by IM Soumya Swaminathan during Super Heroes Cup 2021.

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  1. The boy keeps losing so isn't his rating low?? how are the opponents bobby fischer

  2. This is the trap explained by Saumya on Your Stream. Very nice trap.👌

  3. This is my favourite way to play as black against the London system

  4. Petition to bring back
    This is Sagar Shah signing off bye bye

  5. sir aap usee har match harwadete ho kabhi usse koi brilliancy bhi karao verna ladka vishy anand(legend) kaise banega

  6. [Walk and drive tours] in Norway and Europe says:

    Hello sagar I have a good idea maybe you can invite top Chinese players to play with top Indian players to promote peace through chess initiative.

  7. I love how he spontaneously used the rainy background sound to set up his story

  8. I love the way saghar tells the story🤗✌✌✌🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  9. Sagar Shah's acting is better than selmun bhoi's whole career

  10. When will this 8 year old boy grow even corona has completed 1 year but still kid is 8 year old..!!

  11. 8 year boy should be a gm by now considering how many tournament he has played

  12. when will the imbalance 5 th episode come?

  13. Father to his son after match – chutiye terese kabhi kuch na ho sakta

  14. Maja agya. Your Story telling is superb.

  15. I am here for the son and father story more than opening lol😂

  16. Its been 1 year when will the 8 year old boy become 9 year old man

  17. "Gone Wrong" in the title 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Will the 8 year old boy ever grow up or remain 8 year old forever? LOL

  19. The black pawn is misplaced because now oppenent is not playing pawn push ♟♟

  20. Ok
    But tell the son to Play according to conditions… Same for everyone ❤

  21. The main reason for the lose of 8 year old is his Father 😌😂

  22. 🆅🅸🅳🅷🅸🅽 🅱🅾🅳🅰 says:

    Alternative title :- 8 year old boy cries in the corner

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  24. This dad has so much love for his 8yr old son. He is even ready to ruin his career to build up his sons career. Thats the biggest n real sacrifice in life. Hats off to you.

  25. good My Dad never taught me to play chess when I was a kid so no theory just know the rules and power of pawns and learn by own mistakes in the game.😂

  26. The thumbnail looks like it is an asian paints ad…btw love u sagar bhai❤️

  27. Moral of the story: Only play openings you know during tournaments, not openings that you just learned in one day.

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