Basic Chess Openings for Black

Basic chess openings for black. Just moves and music. Check out my channel for white.


  1. Just came across this video… I don't think opening moves have ever seemed so important due to the epic soundtrack! Very Braveheartish:) Well done sir.

  2. @Talladega93 Yes, tactics are very important. It's a great game.

  3. @R3WINDzSnipers True, but people probably spend more time on the black openings : )

  4. Enjoyed this …concted it to Internation Chess Community on Facebook 😉

  5. @lionsingh18 Great idea! Thanks man : )

  6. Been having trouble playing with black; its surprising to me how different the play style is between the two colors. Nice music by the way.

  7. that also has to do with the fact that white always opens first.

  8. And I thought Einstein was dead??? Guess I am wrong about Elvis too!! Maybe there is a Santa, and Easter Bunny and ohhh ohhhh the Great Pumpkin too !!

  9. White has always the initiative because we all know that white moves first. Now black has to defend always. Depending on the bad opening of white, black can be aggressive as hell in the opening. 

    The normal move for black is black always defends, transpose its moves later in the game and gets stronger in the game. 

    In a grandmaster or world championship white always have the higher winning percentage! Black also wins, it has low percentage. I am not a grandmaster myself but the grandmasters said its harder to play black. Only a few grandmaster are much better in playing black. This reason came from the grandmasters them selves.

    The video is very good and the music pumps me up! These openings will help me in improving my chess, I will memories as many openings I can and its different variations.

  10. anyone else get the 'pirates of the caribean' vibe. great vid btw

  11. if you are searching for an opening for the move e4 ill recommend French defence or Caro-kann

  12. I have no idea how these are supposed to work. I really don't see an advantage. I'll need to seek more informative videos.

  13. thanks for the video einstein.  found the moves very helpful.  love the music too.. can you tell us what it is?

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