Basic Chess Principles for Beginners


  1. Ok so i learned that even you piece is under attack you have to castle your king to safety first as he did while his bishop was under attack

  2. Free advics: make sure that your opponent has also seen this vedio to so the game will go as planned.

  3. at the castle at the end make sure to move pawn h2 to h3 if incase the rook is gone the enemy's queen or rook cant
    mate, because the king can escape

  4. I have one question if you put the Pawn first then they put another Pawn in front of you then you put a another legit where he can kill you pawn.

  5. Aren't all beginners tired of this😅 these move are blunt to pro tips😂 you play a level 2000 and above and you'll loose definitely, this is a promise, start this way get same result

  6. I do this strategy everytime why havnt i won one game out of 500 games in one year ? 😢

  7. You can’t castle if your bishop is hanging

  8. Cant do the first tip cant stop doing ninson larsen attacks

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