Basic Opening Chess Trap – Budapest Gambit

IM Sagar Shah tells you about a well known trap in the Budapest Gambit (d4 Nf6 c4 e5) with the help of a father-son story!


  1. dude!! not only youre very informative youre funny too Lol

  2. does anyone know what chess set he's using? it's beautiful

  3. Sagar Sir watched the whole series of this and had 1 major learning that if You are 8 YO and your father teaches You chess tell him to give You full instructions

  4. How can it be Checkmate when there’s a pawn on e2xnd3?

  5. Wow Sagar sir best I will se your all video

  6. Ese kon rota h sagar bhaiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. bhaisahab yeh kis line me aa gaye aap, aapko TV serials me jaana chahiye waha bohut scope hai πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Fun Fact:
    The 8 year old boy's age is never increasing

  9. The determined flame formerly regret because competition conceptually scratch from a cowardly john. marked, flaky lilac

  10. I don't know why but I made a copy for notes of all the opening traps

  11. Your Explanation of the gambit !! Hilarious πŸ˜‚

  12. Sagar Shah Sir, In the timeline 3:14 "Knight can be taken by the pawn

  13. Sir your way of teaching while story telling is great

  14. Hello at last when knight gave check why that pawn can't kill that knight I am begginer tell me why that can't move

  15. Sagar spoke like as if the boy will play Magnus Carlsen

  16. Here are Budapest gambit traps for a quick win. This is a very sound gambit against d4. It’s the sharp gambit but if you treat this gambit carefully then you are safe. Strong players use this gambit against beginners and club players for quick results.

    Budapest gambit trap is one of the traps which d4 players should prepare, because if white gets into this trap then he needs to resign within 10 moves.

    Click on below link to watch the video related to Budapest Gambit.

  17. 2:18 boo boo boo boomeranggg

  18. no at 3:52 it not a checkmate he would take the knight with the pawn

  19. You go too fast.. sometimes it's very difficult to understand what is happening

  20. On 3.21 if we capture knight with pawn … when u said its a mate ???

  21. There is no such thing as free piece usually !

  22. What if he defend with pawn instead of bishop?

  23. nothing goes like you say my rating just gets lower and lower

  24. It was not a mate, If you see at 3:20 pawn can take the knight. I think some how you missed it

  25. Disclaimer: No sons were harm during budapest gambit

  26. All thing is good but sir why do you not speak in hindi . It will be more better than speaking English . Nowadays people feels a specific type of pleasure in English speaking but those people should be ashemed of …
    Why do we avoid in speaking Hindi. Nothing can be worst and full of shame for indians

  27. The story hits me more than it should

  28. Hi , i loved this chess pieces , where I can buy this .

  29. Legend says Sagar Shah fell into this Gambit in his childhood❀️

  30. How is it check mate when the pawn could take the knight

  31. Where did you get that chess set Sagar?

  32. Just seeing my face gives me stomach pain, piggy, unhealthy people…. Keep eating dogs.

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