Basic Opening Chess Trap | Cochrane Gambit in the Petroff

The Petroff can be a very dull and boring opening for the White player to face. But you can spice up the things by going for the Cochrane Gambit. How does the Cochrane Gambit work? IM Sagar Shah tells you all about it from a story in 2012 where he helped his wife Amruta win a crucial game at the National Championships! Enjoy this fun trap!


  1. You could actually play Bishop g5 instead of pawn f3. You will give a check and then can capture black queen.

  2. i want more video like on ''Basic Opening Chess Trap''

  3. Sagar bhai boyfriend ❤️❤️😂😂

  4. It was 2012 ,Sagar and Amruta decided to do something so that boy would turn 8 years old in 2020

  5. At 2.30, knight can come in between?

  6. Every time I watch your explanations I smile.
    Very brilliant teaching ideas 👏👏👍

  7. "And so may you!"
    Wait…. What are you trying to tell me master? I am yet to learn those traps.

  8. Does anybody know what set it is that he is using? It's beautiful!

  9. ending is dope sagar sir make a channel sagal love guru will get 1M subs like that.

  10. Okay that's the story of how sagar impressed amrita for the 1st time

  11. I did this to win my queens heart but then i did a strong blunder

  12. If black plays accurately in this gambit he can get advantage, but it’s very difficult to play the best moves all the time because only one move could save the position

  13. Sir on black move ..ke7 , Qe2 , and d5 support to night bg5+ king any where b×Q

  14. Bc went to trap the opposition after this video.. Got trapped instead.

  15. Please please tell me which board and coins are these where to get these from?

  16. Bruh, just learn white reverse stafford gambit instead

  17. Please do a video over bobby fischer vs mikhael tal in 1959

  18. I had come to see the story progress of the 8 year old boy and his father , and Sagar chose to flex of Amruta instead!

  19. " Sagar , suggest something interesting to spice up the position!" – Amruta Mokal,2012

  20. Which chess set is this and where can I get it?

  21. I am in love with Amruta..😁😁😁

  22. Cochrane Gambit is like a Landmine for Opponents😂

  23. Please keep making more chess trap videos. Your stories are inspiring. Thank you IM Sagar Shah for the wonderful amazing videos.

  24. My favorite opening is petroff and Today I played this gambit I liked it once I was rook down and the won the game I liked it

  25. Good video. Can you make a follow-up video on how best to defend against the Cochrane Gambit?

  26. So if black doesn't play Nxe4 this is trash?

  27. At last you said after d4 actually c5 is best move.. How? Please explain Sir…

  28. Bro you don't go f3 to win back the knight, but play Bg5+ and win the Queen lol

  29. At 2:44 instead of f3 can Bg5+ can come? (I think it's better than f3 as it will win the Queen)

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