Basic Opening Chess Trap | English Opening | World class player fooled

Two world class players Andreikin vs Karjakin fight against each other at the World Blitz 2010. It promises to be a mouth watering encounter as both the players are two of the best blitz players in the world. IM Sagar Shah shows you the game and explains to you how a World Championship Challenger falls for a very well veiled opening trap.


  1. Supreme sound!!!!👍

    Dope Beat + Catchy Hook = Great Track 🔥🔥🔥

  2. does anyone know what chess set he's using? it's beautiful

  3. Pls provide a top view if possible. Makes everything more clear in terms of positions

  4. One problem, my opponent is also watching this 😐

  5. Sir I wanted to ask please make more such videos. Please make more and more videos.

  6. the video is so fun. I'm binge watching now

  7. A beautiful mate indeed
    The chess set is very lovely too- where can I get a similar set?

  8. Black is better off taking Knight with Knight rather than Bishop, no?

  9. At 1:49 If I am really stuck in that position, I will not take Knight with Bishop but rather advance my pawn at h2 to attack the black bishop. How will it work Sagar ? let's continue from here? or a better idea?

  10. Really Cool…. Small and yet efficient video

  11. Hi sagar
    Love your lessons on english
    What if it goes Nf6 to unpin rather than Nge7

  12. What a nice presentation. Many thanks for that.

  13. what if he moves pawn instead of knight then where to move white bishop?

  14. Hi Sagar! Has Magnus Carlson retired from chess? Or it's just a rumour?

  15. 2:42 sir queen g7 is also a checkmate😁

    Anybody tell me am i right

  16. the game between Movsisyan and Patton in 2004

  17. You should have a virtual board on the side for better visibility

  18. why cant the winning move be be7 ne7 and qd4 attacking the rook on h8 later threatening a mate with nf6

  19. provide a link plz of the actual game i would love to see the reaction of the looser 😜

  20. Nge7?? Nxd4!! […Nxd4 Bxe7] Bxd4 Qxd4+- Nxd4?? Nf6 Kf8 Bh6# 🏵

  21. Today I played two games with Sicilian kan as black and won both

  22. Thanks for your guidance Sir and MADAME

  23. Sagar bhai ..
    Mujhe b esai chess board with pieces hona .. please send the link .

  24. I played a match as you explained in Sicilian kan lecture

  25. the fact that a top gm fell for this trap show that these guys are not super geniuses calculating everything the have played since childhood theyre minds had an incline to the game then and they continued playing ever since. they rely mostly of the massive accumilated memory.

  26. Watch carefully there is some fault in this video

  27. Can anyone tell me from where to buy THIS CHESS BOARD???????

  28. I'm surprised it took this long for someone to make a physical board out of the virtual one.

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