Basic Opening Chess Trap | English Opening | World class player fooled

Two world class players Andreikin vs Karjakin fight against each other at the World Blitz 2010. It promises to be a mouth watering encounter as both the players are two of the best blitz players in the world. IM Sagar Shah shows you the game and explains to you how a World Championship Challenger falls for a very well veiled opening trap.


  1. Along with the real board, add computer board on the screen.

  2. I m also fall in this beautiful trap 😂❤️❤️

  3. Online kuchh samajh bhi aata h… over the board to mujhe chess alag hi game lag raha h

  4. Me after watching this tricks …. lets apply it to a game and win a game and then miserably losing that game 😢

  5. Okay I've played English opening before even though I don't play it much but I've never seen this trap, this was amazing because even if the trap doesn't work it's not like white will have a bad position so that's what's great about this trap I feel

  6. It looks quite different when we see on physical board than what we look on screen. And sagar sir i think this version is better

  7. When the Over the Board fide rated tournaments will start??

  8. Sagar sir just a suggestion can you please take the chess board shot from the top(exactly 90° above) because then it becomes easier for rookies like me to understand the board like the digital ons with the fee of physical board.

  9. Nice work for such an idea of sharing Opening traps and to make it familiar for us🖤.

    I have a request that it should be uploaded atleast on alternate days so that we will get enough time to understand and learn one trap and be curious, eagerly waiting for the next video

  10. I love when sagar sir just teach us not like any other teacher in the world

  11. Continue this siries 🙏plzz this siries is very nice

  12. Please make more videos like these! Loved them.

  13. Loved it💕✨… definitely gonna try it

  14. The explanation was so proper and on point
    Guruji OP❤️

  15. Sagar bhai is too cute for the internet 😊😊

  16. Where we can buy this chess board?
    Can someone please share link of flipkart and Amazon…

  17. It happened in the game of strong GMs! Shocking!😱

  18. Sagar Op 🔥❤️ In Chat please🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. I attend your improving middle games by Sagar Shah 21 days

  20. I attend your improving middle games by Sagar Shah 21 days

  21. Thank you very much ur videos have helped me a lot ❤️

  22. one suggestion Sagar Bhai. please use a virtual chessboard rather than a physical. some pieces looks confusing

  23. After night h5 double check I can mate my simply moving queen at g7??

  24. This trap work rarely
    but when it workss
    Finally inner peace😇

  25. where can i get same kind of pieces, please tell

  26. From where i can get this chess board??

  27. F6 was actually a good move to trade off shah..

  28. Bro I like your teaching it's so simple to understand

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