Basic Opening Chess Trap | English Opening | World class player fooled

Two world class players Andreikin vs Karjakin fight against each other at the World Blitz 2010. It promises to be a mouth watering encounter as both the players are two of the best blitz players in the world. IM Sagar Shah shows you the game and explains to you how a World Championship Challenger falls for a very well veiled opening trap.


  1. I wanted this cos my best friend plays the English a lot

  2. This is going to be very good video series for beginners. Also, using wooden board instead of virtual 2d board is kind of refreshing.

  3. I saw samay playing English opening for the past five months. But now I realized he never played it right

  4. Amazing amazing amazing…🔥🔥🔥

  5. Nice effort sir…this effort really helps beginners like us a lot….. specially the details you explain in a simplified manner…… thankyou sir for all your good effort 😇

  6. Wow amazing trap!! just one recommendation Sagar bhai, maybe in the corner or at the end can you please post the move order and line variation?

  7. Sagar shah is a reason why chess still lives within our lives

  8. Sagar's love for english . Smile was even better than his emotional expressions

  9. Mind blowing 🤯🤯🤯
    Literally in all time video I am just saying amazing and awesome 🔥🔥💯.
    Do more video like this.

  10. Can you please suggest some good chess board like your

  11. Seeing physical boards after a long time is so refreshing.

  12. Please bring more this kind of short videos… ❤️❤️❤️ #gurujiop

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