Basic Opening Chess Trap | Fool’s mate + Dutch Defence

A lot of people memorize the opening traps move to move. They feel that they can replicate the same moves in their game and score points in tournaments. But IM Sagar Shah in this video tells you why that approach is misguided. What you need to do is learn the patterns and then reproduce them on the board in a way where the themes are similar even though the moves are different. Check out this exciting video where our 8-year-old protagonist learns the Fool’s mate from his father and then applies it in his game in the Dutch Defence!


  1. You need to improve your sound recording technique.

  2. where can i buy this chess set? looks soo good and big

  3. 1:09 what if you do e4 sacrificing a pawn? Is that a great move? because even after he takes your pawn, you give him a mate,
    Also if he saves his king you can now realize that you have taken the center, and also offers you to to develop one piece…
    (Is it a good move or not?)

  4. I play the dutch myself, glad i saw this saved some embarrassment

  5. What if I play e5 at 2:01. I can save the king as well as trap the bishop. 8 year old boy again loses.

  6. I remember when i does this to my friend lol
    She look like she freezed

  7. Breaking news: Disney just announced a film on this

  8. These all Chess tips and tricks video Think the opponent is a fool and play the move they want

  9. I had the 2 move mate in an actual tournament play in a tournament in Indianapolis. It was 8th grade so we were all amatures but raising my hand for a judge to come over to take the score down after 5 seconds was priceless. The judge looked at the board and then the other kid and shook his head. I walked out and my chess coach.. Who was coincidentally named Bobby Fischer was like "what happened" and I'm like.. I won. I never played another tournament again after that one

  10. Hi sagar bahai i have a puzzle which is very difficult to solve can you solve it?

  11. That story changed half way through 🤣

  12. I better trap would be
    1d4 f5
    2 e4 fxe4
    3. Bg5 h6
    4. Qh5+ g6
    5. Qxg6#

  13. Sagar sir could you tell me where to buy the same chess set in the video

  14. Lol I was able to pull this move off once only once against my brother lol. He flipped the board.

  15. As a person who doesn't play chess, this was interesting

  16. Hi, What chessboard is this? I like the colours.

  17. 1:37, why not just play e6 then? If his opponent takes his bishop then he could still checkmate.

  18. I remember doing something almost exactly like this back in high school years ago.

    There was this dude who was very reddit atheist logic bro type and thought he was so smart because he was so good at chess. Natually, I challenged him to a game because I love humbling people. He granted me the honor of moving first, so I opened d4 and he responded with the dutch f5. I knew immediately what to do; Bg5. I let him chase it out with his g pawn, played e3, he takes, and I mate him with Qh5#. He was so pissed he actually accused me of cheating 🤣

    Remember kids, don't become too arrogant. You will be inevitably embarrassed.

  19. How to checkmate in 4 moves:
    Scholar's Mate

    1. e4, e5
    2. Qh5, Nc6
    3. Bc4, Ng6
    4. Qxf7#

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