Basic Opening Chess Trap | Queen’s Gambit Declined Queen Trap | Then and now!

IM Sagar Shah shows you a very common trap in the Queen’s Gambit Declined! he shows how he learnt it when he was a young kid and how he botched it up when he grew up!

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  1. How can you be so amazing man.
    I mean your chess is already on next level but the way you're teaching us❤️

  2. This is how in chess the trap moves was need to be so accurate.

  3. This was great advice. Whenever I try to memorize those openings I either forget, or opponent doesn't follow the movement and I lose. Better to understand the principles of the game and execute them.

  4. The queen's gambit is such a beautiful series ❤️

  5. Sir can u plz make a video on the english defence plz i beg u sir

  6. When you was 8 years old you learned this…😂😂

  7. hahahaha hahahaha. Good one Sagar. Can you explain why stock-fish is recommending bishop to H2 for white in your uncastled position as the best possible move instead of Knight takes pawn on D5 trap? – the so called trap? Leela chess also agrees. I think this diagonal is very important for the bishop not to lose and the exchange may be good from material perspective but not from positional perspective. I think its also because after the knight takes the bishop on F4 and pawn takes knight the kings line is wide open resulting in discovered attack from bishop after going to H4 of B4 (check by the rook). at B4 the knight is pinned. Then the white can double the queen in front of the rook and enter the whites kingdom with new bravado. Cancelling the pinned knight with bishop on B4 would also destroy the whites pawn structure thoroughly. Now this was my theory but turns out all that stock-fish and leela chess would want to do was to eat more and more pawns after discovered attack. They should be called pawn eater fish. ha ha ha

  8. His videos are funny and same time knowledgeable.
    Laughed when he said how he sat in chair back and relaxed thought he did the trap lol

  9. all chess channels : tricks and traps
    sagar sir : stories and morals 😎

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  11. strange that he would play Nd7 and block his white square bishop develop first the white square bishop then play Nd7 after that the queen can no longer be trapped with Bc7

  12. How did the unprotected bishop trap the queen? Could she not have simply captured the bishop?

  13. Can you please talk in hindi… Kuch samaj nahi aa raha hai

  14. that was a great trap but a greater anecdote, thanks 🙂

  15. Where to buy this chess board I really like this pieces

  16. हिंदी मध्ये सांगा

  17. That's why he is international master not grand master 😂😂😂

  18. Sagar sir i loved yr game play ❤😍one day i will play with you.this is my dreams🙂but i will try my best forever💯💯

  19. it's easier, at least for me, to follow on an e-chessboard (like from one of the chess websites). but great stuff. i have a hard time memorizing all these moves anyway, so not an issue for me lol

  20. Sir make a video on !! moves grand master's played

  21. stockfish declined most of the moves , rather he attacked ferociously.

  22. Nxd5!! cxd5?? Bc7+- …Nxf4 Nxf4 were up a ♟

  23. yah you r right just forget a move and then you have to forget them so understanding is slightly better

  24. Sagar meant to say that half knowledge is dangerous

  25. One wrong move one damn move rips off the whole pattern

  26. Sagar bhai how to crush Fischer defence in king's gambit… please enlighten…

  27. Hahaha I cought my opponent 😂😂😂

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