Basic Opening Chess Trap | Ruy Lopez | The 10-move checkmate challenge

Attacking is an art in chess, a creative process which needs a lot of patterns to be mastered. This can happen only by practice and creative thinking. In this episode of the basic opening chess traps the father makes a challenge to his son that he would checkmate him in 10 moves! The 8-year-old boy is a good player so he doesn’t really believe that his dad can checkmate him. What ensues next is a thriller of how the boy gets checkmated in just 10 moves! Check out the video and learn some tricks related to the art of attack!


  1. Who else is watching this video in 0.25 slow mode🥳🥳🥳😀


  3. This is a very unique and interesting way to teach chess ….
    You are a very great teacher

  4. Hi Sagar! great videos. However this father & son storylne is becoming too monotonous. Can you please mix it up! 🙂

  5. You maybe are an IM but you teach like a GM!

  6. pretty good the way of ezplaining the trap regardlezz that any 1500+ will zee it

  7. So moral of this "not to be like greedy vidit"

  8. beautiful checkmate trap, very reminiscent of the Fishing Pole

  9. I played this against my chess sir and won the match in a tournament.

  10. Sagar bhai bina bakwas story ke samja the to acha Hoga baki nice video

  11. 2:08 QxG4 would not allow the checkmate… it would be a great move…

  12. he give so beautiful life lessons Nd i come for them more than chess

  13. If your opponent has good rating then he will see what happens if he rate that pawn with knight 👍

  14. I am learning here from Brazil with your channel, because I losed every time for Indians players in the "Chess. Com".

  15. I'm waiting for the day when Sagar explains Traps with his 8 year old son.

  16. It's called the fishing pole trap it can also be used in Sicilian. Beginner's stuff. By the way love the Zagreb 59 chess set.

  17. He could have extended the game by one more move by playing Pf4 and after pawn advances then Qh5 at 2:00

  18. Bro i think insted of the second last move of taking pawn 1 step ahead he could have used the queen to take out the pawn next to enemy queen and then when enemy which is black queen would have taken his queen with his queen he could have sed the horse to take his wuren out

  19. Today I had played a chess game and I was black my opponent played ruy lopez, And it was the game was same before the bishop pinned the knight in this vid, wish I watched the video so I could use this strategy 😔, Never mind in the next ruy lopez game I will surely try this 😊. Thanks for the video 😃

  20. This doesnt work. When the boy made the escape route for his king with f3 on the ninth move, he couldve played f4, which would allow him to sacrifice his queen on h5 making the checkmate eleven moves long xd

  21. He was actually check-mated on the 9th move only!

  22. If we miss somethings we are finished in chess.

  23. Kg4 by killing g pawn can break this trap

  24. I cant teach you, you'll have to learn from me😐

  25. Now I just want program a computer in this way then I'll win every time because some guys have brain 😀

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