Basic Opening Chess Trap | Ruy Lopez | The 10-move checkmate challenge

Attacking is an art in chess, a creative process which needs a lot of patterns to be mastered. This can happen only by practice and creative thinking. In this episode of the basic opening chess traps the father makes a challenge to his son that he would checkmate him in 10 moves! The 8-year-old boy is a good player so he doesn’t really believe that his dad can checkmate him. What ensues next is a thriller of how the boy gets checkmated in just 10 moves! Check out the video and learn some tricks related to the art of attack!


  1. We will take bishop okay but then what to play? Also teach that to stop that attack

  2. Basically the series of traps the 8 year old boy are US ❤️

  3. what If the Boy Wouldn't Have Played the Ruy Lopez

  4. Wah sagar bhai ye dekh ke dimaag ke ghode hi khul gye👍

  5. This 8 yr old boy should play with play Magnus 8 yrs. He is gonna leave chess

  6. This 8 year kid will surely become a GM soon 😛
    Loved this video Sagar bhai. Big fan of Ruy Lopez. Thanks ❤

  7. Pewdiepie: 9 year old Army
    Sagar: 8 year old Army

  8. Really loved the way of teaching..
    Sagar Shah op

  9. When is the birthday of the 8 year old boy?

  10. The moment you brought the pawn infront of rook….i understood this is what you were going to do

  11. Name a better duo than this 8 year old kid and his father. I will wait.

  12. Damn!!

    Suddenly I thought when did Arnab Goswami came to this field…(thumbnail)

  13. So kann man auch gut alte Schachcomputer schlagen . Die schlagen den Läufer gerne . Sei es auf g4 , oder auf g5 .

  14. Actually in all his videos
    Son is the chat, Janta or the viewers
    And dad is Sagar Shah sir ji ❤❤

  15. Who is the 8 year old boy? Are you speaking about yourself when you were 8 years old?

  16. Isse kehte hai khudhe se maje lena😂😂

  17. Please make a video on sacrificing of qween to win the match

  18. اللعبة متعادلة لانها انتهت بخنق الملك

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