Basic Opening Chess Trap | The first Sicilian Dragon trap!

The Sicilian Dragon opening has attracted thousands of players all across the world! One of the 1st traps that everyone should know when you begin your journey into the world of Dragon is this one! It’s a very basic trap, but extremely important! IM Sagar Shah shows you why!


  1. Sagar bhai plz do a session on fried liver attack 🙏

  2. Can we take bishop by bishop in next move ? I don't know much about chess . A question from beginner

  3. ahhh….same….i too learnt the trap first in sicilian….!!!! like STUDENT…like COACH!SAGAR SIR MERE COACH OP

  4. Sicilian lover ❤️❤️ had played the dragon first instead of najdorf , sveshnikov, taimanov , Paulsen and all…..All of us have played Sicilian dragon once in our life…❤️❤️

  5. Sagar's smile and voice is so soothing and welcoming…😌

  6. Sagar shah is a great teacher 👍
    But samay is a backbencher

  7. Amazing Narration!
    I was making this mistake, Thank You Sagar Bhai. You are really Epic!!

  8. Hi, Which chess board is this!? I love it and it would be great to have one!

  9. I watch this trap on Eric rosen channel

  10. The problem with me is neither of the two players play to reach this trap… some blunder happens before only😆…but sagar shah love your dedication and presentation 🙏🙏

  11. Black here setup a trap for himself to lose the game..

  12. I wish I get a teacher like sagar shah sir in my life.such a humble and nice guy.huge respect sir❣️

  13. Hey guys, a beginner's doubts, all these chess strategies depend upon the other player playing a set of moves right? How's it good to learn all these combinations then?

  14. losing interest in openings as studying them is boring
    Sagar Shah: lET mE JusT StArt ThIS SeRiESss..

  15. Love this trap series ❤️❤️❤️

  16. What if samay will teach?
    Samay outro- this is sagar shah proud student

  17. Why can't the black play Nd2 after queen take bishop ?

  18. i like this series of traps daily

  19. Sagar, the move which you told a blunder after bb5+ is actually the best chance in that position!! Black did mistake ng4 but once it is happened then the best chance for minimum loss is nc6 after bb5.

    For example, After, 7.Bb5 + Nc6 8.Nc6 bc6 9. Bc6+ Bd7 10. Ba8 (10.Qg4? Bc6) Ne3! 11. fe3 Qa8, although black is down but the position is far better than one after 7… Nbd7 or 7… Bd7 when white is clearly a piece up. Hence, Nc6 is not considered to be a blunder.

  20. May be Mr Shah is an IM.But teaches us like GM.

  21. I love his videos; this is the way to elaborate,very nice.

  22. This isnt a checkmate though..
    I cant understand game after last move

  23. Fischer wrote about this in his book(My 60 memorable games) .His game against Larsen 1958… though not in detail.

  24. and this is why you play the Najdorf or dragondorf

  25. I'm not even Indian, but I love this guy.

  26. Why you make every video soo gud that I have no choice and end up liking it❤️❤️

  27. whats the trap here? You can simply develop other parts because Queen cant take on d7, its guarded by knight, queen and king, so it will exchange off. Am i missing something?

  28. Came expecting to learn a trap to use as black, came out with more anxiety and learned a new way to loose as black

  29. i think pawn e5 for black would be the better move

  30. french gambit vedios no 😭😭

  31. Can you show winning moves for Black please ?

  32. main dewaana hun sicilian dragon ka. The fianchetto bishop is a real killer against the noobs. I love my bishops because like them, MERA DIMAAG THODA TEDA CHALTA HAI ISILIYE.

  33. But it wont be checkmate so how do u win the game

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