Basic Opening Chess Trap | The French Defence Disco!

The 8-year-old ventures into the world of French Defence. After a couple of losses he decides to learn from his opponents and plays 1.e4 with White. When his opponent plays the French, he is very happy! He sets the same trap and it seems as if the opponent has fallen into it. But there is a twist in the tail! Check out this exciting dose of Basic Opening Chess Trap by IM Sagar Shah.


  1. 8 year old boy reaches the hero variation.

  2. French defence always reminds me of Anish Giri's course…Like this comment if the 8 year boy should get the course

  3. Please never ever stop this series❤❤❤❤

  4. Please keep on uploading these. Loving this series!!

  5. Sabke sab 2 nd ….mein second hun actually(obc quota)

  6. Why did this happen with 8 year boy only. Poor boy…..

  7. no 8 year boy was harmed during the making of this series

  8. Who is 8 year boy in the stories ??🤔

  9. 8 year boy be like: Gazab beijjati hai yaar

  10. best part about the opponents are that they come as players but end up training the 8 yr old boy

  11. This series is so informative and so intriguing with all the characters and the way he explains every move and the thought behind them..!!!!! Thank you so much Sagar sir!!!

  12. Sagar I really Like your pattern of making the video..and your videos are really helping as coach..

  13. Thank you Sagar bhai for this lessons ✌🏻✌🏻🙂

  14. The thumbnail looks like : chata maaruga agr sahi se chess ni khelo ge to 😅

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