Basic Opening Chess Trap | The simplest Queen’s Gambit Accepted Trap

The simplest trap in the Queen’s Gambit Accepted. Everyone who would like to play 1.d4 d5 2.c4 must know this trap! 🙂


  1. What if opponent protects pawn with light square bishop ?

  2. What if opponent play queen d5 to defend pawn at c4?

  3. why cant the bishop come to f7 to protect the rook

  4. Nice and short, and well explained, thank you sir!

  5. What if opponent play bishop to e3

  6. bishop b7, knight d7 will only sacrifice the bishop and not the rook.

  7. After that empty diagonal queen comes , rook is hanging then the opponent will move the knight to c6 then the queen takes it giving a check and fork to king the oppnent will play bishop d7 we take the rook then queen takes queen . Opponent is queen up we’re losing then , can you explain ?

  8. Sir , the rook isn't completely traped because you play NC6 and after the queen takes you play , BD7

  9. At 1:15 … I thought he would say "visudh ch*tiye ladke ho tum"😂😂

  10. me: gets pawn taken

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  12. Can any one send me link to the board that is being used here, looks sexy af

  13. after 6. Qf3, if black plays Nc6 and white takes Qxc6+ then Bd7 technically protects the rook no? although you are a knight down, but is the game still lost for black?

  14. 1:29 Why does black resigns after queen pins the pawn ?
    i am a bit new to chess pls explain

  15. With my experience…I could say that
    One should always try to its pawn move forward…if there is not a net profit

  16. If the rook is hanging then how you win the game!! I didn't understand!! Is that any rule or something?

  17. But then Nc6, Qc6+, Bd7 and you just lose a knight.

  18. 0:30 what if black moves it's bishop to D3 defending the pawn?

  19. 1:32 No need to resign. Square the queen with the bishop and play the knight when queen takes the bishop to protect the rook with the black queen.

  20. NOW IT IS TIME TO RESIGN THE GAME but how someone explain please ?

  21. of course nowdays no one will accept my queen's gambit cuz im a 1500 rated player now lol

  22. Qf3 Qc7, Q*a8 Bb7, Q*b7 Q*b7 and white Queen is gone ! game over for whom ?

  23. What if opponent does not fall for queen's gambit … how to react when opponent does
    play Bishop B7

  24. He will have to sac his knight or bishop to save his rook

  25. Can someone send me the link from where i can buy this chessboard?

  26. Pro player pro board non pro camera setup and non pro camera man no cap

  27. This always doesn't work. Black can block his diagonal by bringing knight to B6

  28. But i can give up the knight instead of rook yes of course i will loose one power but still it can move on

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