Basic Opening Chess Traps | Sicilian Defence | 8-year-old boy learning from his mistakes

When we begin playing an opening we often make mistakes and fall into a trap. When that happens we start disliking that opening and have bad memories attached to it. But that’s not how things should be. The ideal way is to learn from your losses and mistakes and come up with improvement and new ideas. Check out this video by IM Sagar Shah where he talks about the story of the 8-year-old boy and how he followed his father’s advice in spite of repeated failures!


  1. The moral of the story is don't play the Sicilian defence

  2. How did he castle after having received a check? Can one do that in chess?

  3. This is always better than any scary or fairy stories 😗

  4. Sagar shah also known that the is alcoholic

  5. Still don't know who is son / father. 😂😂😂

  6. I think his father must be kasparov😂😂😂

  7. 4:21 How did the white castle if white king was attacked before? I don’t get it.

  8. So how did the boy lost the 1st game again? he just lost his knight right?

  9. Bhaia aapki har story 8 year old boy ki hi kyu hoti hai🤣🤣

  10. Love your videos! Instead of whites Nc3, why not Bd2?

  11. One thing I also learned from our 8 year old hero , that is Never give up…

  12. I think the 8 year old was your own child

  13. Hello, can you plz make a vedio on…. How can i improvise, if my fools mate didn't work with white pcs

  14. stupid father stupid son why didnt his father thought him on his very first loss so that i
    shouldn't be wait to watch the whole video.

  15. OP❤️ "Always learn from your Mistakes.".
    Wow… Amazing the way this man teaches us fantastic 💥

  16. I'm jealous of that kid. He learned more openings than I did at that age. LOL!

  17. I fell for this trap in a local chess tournament. And I felt really bad losing the knight in the opening stages of the game; as much as I wanted to win but I lost. Thank you for the beautiful lesson. Now I'm studying how not to falter from chess traps and then memorizing a few ones I could use in games.

  18. As good a bed time storytellar as my grandmom

  19. When the 8 year old boy said "what's happening in my life" … Bro , I really feel that .

  20. Sir mujhe aapki video bahut achhi lagti h, lekin plz hindi me bolo

  21. This is why you don't play the Sicilian defense when you aren't above 2000 rating

  22. The special about IM sagar sir is he'll took beautiful story so tht it makes interest and involved , not forgetting at all

  23. Simple analysis
    Dont play sicilian🤣🤣

  24. Boy: depressed
    Sagar Shah: 😂😂😂

  25. Great video sir ,how costly this chess set is and where to buy????

  26. Not like me… I play the same shit again and again!!!

  27. the 8 year boy must be 1900-2000 for playing all the tounaments

  28. Would ChessBaseIndia realize that girls and women play chess, too? 😉

  29. Thank you, dad. I mean, Sagar Shah. Thank you Sagar Shah!

  30. You gotta practice and yes, learn from your mistakes. : )

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