Basic Openings for Black | Sicilian Dragon & King’s Indian | Chess with David Pakman

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In this live chess coaching session, I teach a simple black opening repertoire to David Pakman. David is a political commentator (host of the @thedavidpakmanshow) and has recently been invited to the second edition of’s PogChamps (a chess tournament for popular streamers and online personalities). To prepare for the event, I showed him the basics of the Sicilian Dragon (against 1.e4) and the King’s Indian Defense (against 1.d4).
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  1. Pakman the political patzer, I mean greedy grifter.

  2. Did bro just say King"s Indian seem's easy…simple ideas…few variations and less memorization???? 💀💀💀

  3. One of the best black openings I've been shown. Simple and pretty much universal in applying.

  4. "As White I have some training in Vienna and Ponziani" ……oh dear……….

  5. Can you really call this Sicilian without C5? You have the dragon structure but it’s not a true Sicilian without C5 clamping on the d4 square

  6. For the sicilian dragon, what if they go pawn to e5? do you commit to kings indian with pawn g6 or do you have to ditch and pawn d6

  7. This is a great instructive lesson, thanks Eric

  8. Basic openings for black > Sicilian dragon😅

  9. I like your tutorials. Where's your livestreams? Twitch?

  10. The amount of patience Eric Rosen has for chess … it’s just incredible.
    What a teacher 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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