Beginners Chess Opening TIER LIST Part 2 with Hikaru and Levy

GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman use @tiermaker to rank chess openings from the point of view of a beginner (800-1300). (We will rank openings for club level players later)

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Intro 0:00
1) Exchange Caro-Khan – 0:44
2) Exchange French – 2:07
3) Fools Mate – 3:42
4) Four-Knights Italian – 4:55
5) Fred Opening – 6:51
6) French Defense – 7:39
7) Gucci Piano – 8:42
8) Fried liver – 10:27
9) Grand Prix – 12:18
10) GROB – 13:52
11) Gruenfeld – 16:12
12) Hillbilly Attack – 17:35
13) Hippo – 19:45
14) Hyper-Accelerated Dragon – 20:55
15) Italian – 22:01
16) Jerome Gambit – 22:52
17) Kings Gambit – 24:53
18) Kings Indian – 26:14
19) Kings Indian Attack – 27:44
20) Lativan Gambit – 29:15
21) London System – 30:18
22) Marshall Attack – 32:27
23) Modern Defense – 34:21
24) Najdorf – 36:15
25) Nimzo Indian – 38:44

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  1. I'm so happy KID made Legendary in all three categories

  2. These videos are really instructive but I’d watch them just for Hikaru’s laugh.

  3. The way Hikaru said "Robert Hess" I thought it was a Ligma setup XD

  4. Why are ranking beginner openings based on what's most solid rather than what's most instructive?

  5. Little did Levy know Hafu would go on to win pogchamps 2.

  6. Okay I think we can all agree that from now on we can just refer to it as the Gucci Piano

  7. Why is there a germany flag in the thumbnail ?

  8. Levy: Get a life
    Hikaru : I agree, how could you say something so controversial but yet so brave

  9. I feel the exchange caro is great for white as a beginner. It's very simple to play, much like the london system (indeed, the piece placement is pratically the same). I think it might be the easiest way to combat the caro as a beginner.

  10. So the move I play when I was a kid and don't know how to play chess is an actual opening named Hippo..? Nice

  11. Really wish you’d done these separately for white & black.

  12. 10:10 Nakamura putting Levy on the spot right after he lied lol (scratch scratch) shoulder

  13. Didn't the King's Gambit get Garbage in the gambit's tier?

  14. This is just opening tier list for GMs but upside down

  15. I’m 600-700 rating and the biggest problem I see with a lot of these openings is in 99% of the games I play as white black immediately pushes the same pawn I do so from move 2 on I’m not going to see these positions they’re describing. Maybe I’m too beginner for the beginner video lol

  16. Hikaru has a much worse understanding of beginners than Gotham

  17. Bent Larsen played the King’s Gambit exclusively vs e5 is until he was 17

    You can’t really justify Evans not King’s

  18. Really good! I needed this! Is there a place where I can download the final list?

  19. I remember back in grade school I would always play Chess in the library at recess and everyone who thought that they could play chess would try to take me down, the opening I would play constantly was the fried liver, I would fork the queen to the rook every game and because my knight was guarded by my bishop, you couldn't take the knight with your king, it was absolutely brutal and I loved the opening, I'm a senior in high school now and my favorite opening is the blackmar dimer gambit, no one expects how quick I get every piece out and how I am always two turns ahead of them

  20. Who is this Robert guy? never heared of him

  21. Ngl the really bro tier shouldve been changed to “later mah child”

  22. Gucci Piano 😆- That's an expensive piano! Also Ally-Ekine. I guess this Hikaru is new to chess?

  23. I like the idea of going for fried liver, if cant get go for itallian.

  24. Where’s Bishop Opening,Reti Opening,Stonewall Attack

  25. ne7 is a blunder in the fried liver. Nb4 counterattack is 1.9 better

  26. Robert Hess appeared like he was an actual scripted event

  27. My sister in law tried to "confuse me" by using non-traditional openings and opened up with the fools mate. Needless to say, stick to traditional openings.

  28. 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 c5 4. Bd3 Nc6 5. Nf3 Qb6 6. O-O Nxd4 7. Re1 Nc6 8. c3
    Nge7 9. Nbd2 c4 10. Bb1 Ng6 11. a4 Qc7 12. Qe2 Bc5 13. b3 cxb3 14. Nxb3 Bb6 15.
    Bd3 a5 16. g4 Qb8 17. Kg2 Bc7 18. Kh3 Ncxe5 19. Nxe5 Nxe5 20. Bb1 h5 21. g5 f6
    22. gxf6 gxf6 23. f4 Ng4 24. Qd2 e5 25. Kh4 Kf7 26. f5 e4 27. Qxd5+ Kg7 28. Ra2
    Bxh2 29. Rg2 Bf4 30. Rxe4 Bxc1 31. Re7+ Kh6 32. Qf7 Bxf5 33. Qxh5# 1-0

  29. Every time I hear Hikaru pronounce "giuoco piano" and "fianchetto" I, an Italian, get a heart attack

  30. As a 8 year old kid i played chess to a regional level. I wasn’t amazing or anything but I remember i played the fried liver attack almost every game. It was unbelievably effective at that level

  31. An early h6 in the fried liver is a weak opening, and easily broken. Do not play the anti fried liver defense.

  32. Four knight Italian: tricks only
    There are tricks

  33. At the 300-500 level, I always played the Grob Opening and won 40% of my games.

  34. I thought the modern defense started with a fianchetto letting the bishop out? Am I tripping?

  35. Levy is so clearly annoyed this entire video lol

  36. I win on hillbilly attack 95 percent of the time I can get them super defensive and able to distract them to develop other pieces like the knights

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