Best Chess Opening Against 1.d4 | Queen’s Gambit for Black

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The Queen’s Gambit is one of the most classical, solid chess openings for Black. It was played by pretty much all the world champions, including Magnus Carlsen, Bobby Fischer, and Garry Kasparov.

This solid chess opening will serve you for lifetime; it works from beginner to advanced level, even to the level of world champions. Additionally, you secure yourself from any early opening tricks and attacks by your opponent.

Hopefully, it will be easier for you to play this opening after this video as GM Igor Smirnov is going to give a complete overview of all the opening moves and common middlegame plans.

► Chapters

00:00 How to Play Against 1.d4 as Black
00:50 How to Play the Queen’s Gambit as Black
01:48 h6 to push White’s Bg5
03:18 1) If White plays cxd5
04:37 Attack in the center with c5
07:36 Mysterious, but BEST move for Black
09:31 Understanding chess like a PRO
10:23 If White avoids dxc5, plays 0-0
12:55 2) If White avoids cxd5, plays Bd3
13:45 Keep the b7-g2 diagonal open for bishop
14:58 3) White’s most principled variation
16:01 Simple way for a balanced position

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  1. You don't play against D4.
    You get developed first and find ways to
    equalize in the center later.

  2. Hariananda Das, Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Spain says:

    Greetings Master Smirnov Henry writes to you from Spain, I have been on the YouTube channel in Spanish for years and I have bought several of your courses, almost all of them are great, years ago you sent me an autographed photo through your representatives in Spain, thank you very much for your work, with you I have learned to understand chess a little better and continue learning, I recently won first place in category B in an international championship in my city, that achievement is largely due to your teachings that have been given to me improve, you are the best chess teacher!!! admiration and respect, with affection Henry from Catalonia Spain

  3. I hate the way you people castle, a king can't move two spaces.

  4. How to win for white against black …1.d4..e5..: 2. e4..ptp (p takes p..3. qtp (q takes p). qk at f3..4.q at e1…. Also 1. D4..c3….. Thanks

  5. I just want to say thanks for all of the great videos. I’m just starting with over the board tournaments and you content is helping me a lot. Your material is always relevant and you have a great teaching style.

  6. A la Carlsen, also known as the Anti-Carlsen Opening

  7. There are a lot of information regarding chess on YouTube in terms of strategies, principles, openings. As a beginner in Chess where would be the best way to start the learning curve and how to take my gameplay to the new level the right way. I started a YouTube Chess project and i would like some quality perspective of people who has the knowledge to point me in the right direction. I would appreciate that a lot.

  8. A very big thanks to you.Honestly,you are a very good teacher.Meanwhile,I have used your underrated video opening and your czech defence.It isvery solid and you can easily win.

  9. Boring, explains impossible moves that even a beginner wouldn't make.

  10. what application is good for screen recording?..when we make a video and will upload it to yt?

  11. GM SMIRNOV- I am so curious where did you learn to speak English so well. You dont really have an accent its very internwtional in its sound. Makes me think maybe you had an English speaking parent/s or spoke English often at home or socially. Maybe you were born in an English speaking country. You speak so well i assume there is no way you learnt as an adult then mastered it. However if you did its unbelievable because the ease and level at which you speak tells me you probably learnt as a kid naturallyone of your first languages

    Please tell me i am really curious.

  12. Can you make a video about bongcloud opening? Ive been searching all over yt but got only little bit reference. Thx in advance

  13. I've just found your channel, and this is my second video of yours. I've played d4 for 25 years. After the first video I watched I have high expectations. I'll leave a follow up comment after I've watched this video.

  14. Great video and channel. Do you plan on making another video for black when white goes for the Carslbad?

  15. What are your main openings as white & black? your favourite against e4? Many thanks 🙂

  16. This video is nice, maybe not the best against d4 but quite good! Thanks

  17. Thank you so much GM IGOR. I learned a lot and improve my technical knowledge of your video.

  18. After the king's Knight has been exchanged, white often gets the Queen behind the bishop to give check. It looks tactically pointless (wrong, even), but I find it really annoying when they do it. What should you do in this situation?

  19. I play the slav as black. I thought everyone might be thrilled to know that!!

  20. Hello, Igor! What if white undermine black's pawns with e4, not b3 ?

  21. Your videos are very helpful. Because of you, I believe my chess game is improving. I watch your video, I take notes, and I practice your tactics. Thank you.

  22. Thank you for the lesson, it is great and very clear about the possible Queens gambit scenarios !

  23. Цікавий розбір варіантів.

  24. My coach really liked your videos, and so did I, I am a 1544 UFCF rated and do u think I can play this in 1500 to 1800 range?

  25. fun fact. Bobby Fischer crushed Spasky when he played this opening.

  26. 1:17 Didn't you told in Bg5 pin video that, we should attack on b2 pawn, so after Bg5 there's c3 and then we will play Qb3 putting pressure on be b2 pawn, to win the Rook.

  27. In case of queens gambit declined I´ve made good expierience by keeping blacks position locked with pawn c4 c5 and don´t offer a bishop trade. You don´t need to castle because the whole queen side becomes a huge castle by itself. If c5 is attacked by b5 b6 pawn b2 b4 is a strong reinforcement. And in the mean time you can rip off blacks queen side with queen, rook, bishop and knights through the open door b and a lines. Usually blacks queen side is so locked that the pieces can´t move at all. If you´re done with the queen side you give up on your pawn struture and it´s easy to switch to the king side very quick with two or three pieces.

  28. And, as usual, the computer engines never plays the lines shown in the video. Surprise surprise. (By move 3, in most cases.)

    What about 3.c5 or 3.Qb3 or the other lines that engines actually play? Funny, no videos for those lines – again, as usual.

    Get all psyched up watching these chess opening videos only to be disappointed every single time in when trying to put to practical application.

  29. Excellent video, with a teacher like you who explains the variation in a very logical and easy to understund manner, it's easy to improve, thank you GM Igor.

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