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  1. How did your hair get like that by the end 😂😂

  2. The London is great if you ignore that Black gets equality at move two.

  3. “E4 is such a good move, I can’t restrain myself” but why? The answer isn’t implied. Beginners watch these videos and it would be helpful if you explained why you deviated from a standard London style play to moving e4.

  4. I like the video, but why does his facecam look like he's a middle schooler on picture day lol.

  5. When will your chessable course on London will come? We all waiting for that

  6. That was a very good video on the London System .. thanks

  7. love these videos bro, london and caro has made my rating go up 200 points in the last week in a half. Thank you so much! second time watching through london vids rn lol

  8. Thanks for the video! The London is my favorite opening. [But the intro was very loud compared to your voice. After turning up the volume for your voice I get hit with that intro! Seems to be a common problem on YT :/ (And when they keep interposing loud music, I often click off the video)]

  9. Greetings from Brazil, I've become your fan

  10. .04 seconds for that 5th game win that was close

  11. Man, this channel is awesome – exactly what I've been looking for!

  12. Enjoying these videos. Instructive and entertaining

  13. Fastest 31 minutes ever,i really enjoyed it!

  14. Great, a rating climb where you explain every move. Very much needed for beginners to understand! I want to learn the London opening, and this is pure gold! Thank you!

  15. Fine. You played a game of chess. I think all you guys and gals on YT teach as well as a hippy teaching common core math. I don't see anybody actually improving their game by watching YT vids, and I don't think it ever happened. I can't get any of you guys to beat the engine that isa kicking my butt, and I don't think you guys can. I will pay you $100.00 (US) if you can make a continuous vid of you winning 3 games against "Game Top, grand master chess 3",—at the easy adult level. Don't laugh. You won't do it. What will you pay me?

  16. Thank you very for your video! It is one of the best videos about London system. 😍😍😍

  17. I just played a game where I went to hell and back. A 64 move game and in the end of the game, my opponent got me to stale mate him with my two queens. I really need to study some videos on how not to stalemate. OUCHIE!!!

  18. Why do you level up so quickly? I have like 800 and every game I win I get 7-8 points

  19. I was having my child watch this and a very poor choice in comment flashed up on the screen in response to the sirens in the background. It was meant to be funny but it was not and I don’t recommend this video to people who don’t want to see the GD curse word like myself

  20. Is this man's name Alex or Chris? I'm so confused.

  21. Here can be found excellent explanation fundamentals for both beginner and indermediate club level players, even also category players could easiliy benefit from your instuctive videos. Thanks for the contribition and keep it up!!!

  22. Alex, love your course and this series.

    Would love to see some streams / games Playing the scandi as black.

  23. When streamers play OTB against real Masters, it's like watching videos of Aikido Masters versus real Jiu-Jitsu Masters. Don't stand a chance and get tore up.

  24. I am an avid Pool Checker, Russian & Brazilian checker player, as well as a beginner in chess. I am interested in an english speaking checker instructor. As you are a content creator, do you now of any english speaking checker instructors? any help you can offer is appreciated.

  25. London system is not for us beginners, you just crushed them. 🙂

  26. You make it look too easy. I never get to play these kind of games, feels like my opponents are always better 🙂

  27. I like your channel but is iit wise recommending systems to beginners?? I thought a good chess coach does not teach systems till there is a solid foundation with a player because the player just relies on one system thus missing out on learning key structures , ideas and plans etc that are vital to develop by learning different openings that are not systems. I am surprised you recommend this and would say you are doing it because it's popular and you want to build your channel.

    I am only a patzer myself but from what I understand any coach worth his salt does not teach like this. They recommend openings that teach the widest amount of structures so you get a solid foundation .

    Maybe you should point this out to maintain credibility. Explain the cons of just learning a one size fits all opening

  28. Learning to play the London now. I went from 600 to 800 using ur French def videos

  29. After gothem I think this guy is one of the best with his soothing voice and good content plus amazing games I'm just a 900 rated player so idk if he strong but he is forking the hell out of his opponents and moves are very calculated and I like how he even see what his opponents gonna do. I guess he ows me a subscribe ryt. Really loved it

  30. Exactly what I needed. Just started playing chess.

  31. At 11:16, why did you play exf6 rather than h3, (or Ng5 like you said)? That would give his knight the chance to take on f6 and escape the trap? Btw I love your videos!!

  32. Haven't found such an informative channel before well teaching channel, thank you so much ❤️

  33. I don't like seeing the Lord's Name in Vain posted on the screen.

  34. Glad I found this video, the bishob/knight attack on C2 was my kryptonite in the London. (850 elo) Now I cant wait for the next one who will try it!!!!!

  35. How did you get +161 points for one game? I get +10 tops against people much higher than myself.

  36. Alex, your Chessable course is insane, I am finishing the copycat section but I already know everything to beat anyone at my level (now I am at 870, I was 650 before studying your course, and it’s been only a month even though I am studying almost every day). Of course I am also practicing tactics and studying endgames (especially rook’s), but your course gave me an edge in the opening, a huge edge. It’s very well made and I am confident I’ll reach 1000 soon. Thank you

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