Best Chess Opening For Beginners

Best Chess Opening For Beginners


  1. bro i dun even know what opening is this

  2. perfect for me – great idea before getting deeper into openings and study basics first. Thank you!

  3. Just tried this one out and won a solid game (for me) at 1000 rating ๐Ÿ‘ Thanks man!

  4. Thank you for this excellent video. It is the best such video for white that I have seen on YT. I am very much looking forward to your video for a black opening. I expect that video to be more complicated than this video, and I will not be surprized if it turns out to be several videos.

  5. Hi kestony myself Atul35
    Please help me to improve my rating
    Its under 1200 from the beginning of my chess

  6. could u please put every openings in its own playlist?

  7. Hi kestony thanks for this amazing video! Can you please tell me which opening this is please? Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Awesome video ty, what is your coaching rates/Info?

  9. May I ask why you recommend this opening for beginners? I had just started trying to learn the Catalan opening from one of your other videos when I noticed this video… and according to lichess, this opening is the Pseudo-Catalan. I'm now confused…. I've read very often that beginners should not really bother learning openings until they've reached a very solid understanding of tactics and the main principles, but I think it's really quite difficult NOT to have a standard few moves to begin with.

  10. Can u make a opening like this for black too pls itd be really good. & u should also post videos with strategies for that n how to attack n punish mistakes or jyst play games 3-5 with these openings n post weekly so we can learn what u do in certain situations n what to avoid n not do n how to catch opponents in beginnings or when they mistakes

  11. There are a lot of coaches and general consensus that says beginners should not learn ffianchettoing the bishop until they are at least intermediate level or maybe advanced beginner at the very least. I find you are very effective instructor so I am curious as why you obviously dont agree with that???

  12. I just can't beat computer in HARD level, but this opening I won every match… Thanks bro !!! What's the name of this opening???????.?.?????

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