Can Frank be GM?

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  1. Loved the part where Frank said "it's Frankin time" and delivered a tasty checkmate against out of orbit

  2. Frank getting gm before Levy would be a harder blow than Andrea has ever done in chessboxing

  3. Levy is like if i can’t do it you can’t do it

  4. My dumbass read the title: “can you prank a gm?”

  5. It can’t happen because he’s above grandmaster

  6. Aight y’all I’m a little slow where is the other mate

  7. If they go knight to g5 would you just kick them out with your h pawn?

  8. Every time I checkmate another 400 rated player I email Levy asking if Im a GM yet. He has yet to respond.

  9. Gotham: you are on this council but we do not even grant the rank of master.

  10. Well, at least at the end Levy was Frank with him and said no.

  11. The way je said no after telling him he is a beast💀

  12. he cant cause he already is

  13. How To F***** Win Much Quicker.

    Light square Bishop sacrifise on H7 pawn, making the King either eat it or not.

    If the enemy is greedy and took it then that's just losing, because Knight G5 check is a scary move. If the King move a square back on the corner then just place your Queen on H5 check, and then H7 checkmate.

    Now if the King moves in G8 then it's not a check, but you will still move the Queen on H5, the only saving move is Knight to F6, stopping the brutal checkmate momentarily, take the Knight and checkmate him, if he moves the Rook away then just chase the King until checkmate.

    If the King didn't go the greedy route then just move the Queen on H5, again, the only saving move here is Knight to F6 sacrificing it, Pawn takes and then check the King by sliding the Bishop on any diagonal doesn't matter its check either way, afted the King moves on G8 then it's a win, can you find the checkmate with White?

    Lesson: "Pawns are a pain in the arse if they reached your board side."

  14. The funny thing is that there is no checkmate in this position haha. But, blacks queen is for sure lost

  15. That no… sounded confident and depressing LOL

  16. Not me trying to found out what the easy one was…..

  17. For those who don't know the answer its Bxh7 KxBh7 then Ng5 then bring the queen to h4. Checkmate is unavoidable if king doesn't move back to g8 he will be hunted and soon be checkmated

  18. frank: do you think i could ever be a gm?
    gotham: NO.
    gotham was ready bro 💀💀💀

  19. Frank will inspire everyone to become a GM

  20. levy do you think i could ever make IM?? i went from 600 to 1500 in 18 months…

  21. Hes like Do you fink i can be a gm?!

  22. Hahahahaha ah hard No 😂❤😅🎉

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