Can you solve this puzzle??! #shorts #chess

Are you able to solve this puzzle in just 5 seconds?? Daily puzzle #154

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  1. Mate in 2 for black tho, no?

  2. Yeah it’s mate in 2 you have to stale mate in order to not lose either way you can’t win in this scenario

  3. That was given to magnus carlsen if I'm not wrong.

  4. But , Quinn e1 check
    King h2 only move
    Quinn h1 mate

  5. qf8 isnt random… it makes perfect sense to attack the f7 pawn

    also qe1 bf1 be2 qf7 bg7 ne6 qf1 kh2 and black doesnt have a continuation

  6. Qa1 is only good move Bf1 is also a option but Qe1 is pinning the bishop and you will lose.

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