Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

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  1. Instead of pawn taking the bishop, Black moves N to f6 preventing checkmate. However, Dutch defense does not demand attacking the white bishop this way. Only neophyte players might play this .

  2. what if the guy, instead opens up with a knight

  3. I like how you tried with the bishop for 2nd attempt to mate .this will catch a lot of people out

  4. All this will not happen if he didn't take f7 pawn at the beginning

  5. This only works if your opponents play every move exactly like this video

  6. In chess it's all fun and games until you play a trap perfectly and your opponent accidentallies plays a move that ruins it

  7. someone playing the dutch defense is rarer than spotting a solar eclipse 10 times in a year

  8. Very rare move already exposing king side 😂😂😂

  9. If that defense is named it makes me wonder why the worst opening move is named after the Dutch.

  10. Thanks a lot I can now checkmate people in 6 moves

  11. Because the checkmate was on a fork formation, I remembered when I told my friend ( we are both kids) about the nine move halosar trap and he said:
    Wow! A checkmate with a fork!

  12. It barely happens in real life. They will move the pieces unlike you expect them to do 😂

  13. "Slide the and bait it they're gonna take it, BLUNDER [??]" was the best line

  14. We don't attack the bishop we dvelop knight

  15. A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

  16. Its not the same without CHÊÉÆCKMÆTÉ

  17. The more I learn about chess, the less ass I get.

  18. Sounds great. What could possibly go wrong.

  19. I have never seen anybody play the Dutch defence

  20. Well I forgot to inform my friend first so he didn't play the Dutch defense.

  21. "Setting up a trap"

    The computer: Nuh uh

  22. After seeing this and playing, again losing in chess, now this is a real gambit 🤣

  23. what if he goes king f7 after bishop d3?

  24. No one people Dutch attack😭😭😭

  25. ❤kwjwjewjjweuwuwuwj😂ekjekekjekje🎉wieidiekekek😢jejejejejwiiwuwid😮jjsksjdjeieksei😅dkdkkdkklw😊skxdkdlkks

  26. That's logic at all .. thanks🥰

  27. For people who want to avoid all that crap dont weaken your squares

  28. This is why you shouldnt move your F pawn as a first move

  29. Opponent: doesn t take bishop or plays his pawn to h5 me:fuc-

  30. Who plays the Dutch attacking the bishop everyone Dutch plays ng6 after f5 even after the bishop pulls up

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