Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

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  1. I love the comments. I'm not a great chess player. But I'm like the Dutch defence? Who's doing THAT!

  2. That and many other traps and losing openings with weak kingside is the reason why I see 1… f5 as a blunder itself

  3. A well developed knows not to open their king on a weak square. And this is your so-called friend. You're not a good friend for not teaching them any better

  4. Actually, bishop e2 instead of d3 is a brilliant move (stockfish review)

  5. How do u guys put that # in the king when got checkmated

  6. Everyone play knight on second move, noone attack bishop

  7. 😅🤣😂💛💚❤️💙💜🤦🏾‍♂️🏆🇿🇦

  8. He sacrificed THE BISHOPPPPP and now he sacrificed THE QUEEENNNNNN

  9. Who opens with that pawn though? Literally no one.

  10. Yeah, what you do if they, idk choose to move the E pawn foward tho? Then you lost your bishop and your whole king side. If finding someone that uses this defense wasnt hard enough

  11. I haven't played the Dutch for about 20 years, but I still remember this one. These move 2 nonsense tricks are why I started answering 1.d4 with e6.

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