Chess Basics: Opening Principles

In this chess basics video, we talk about the fundamentals of the opening chess principles and how you should use them in your chess game.


  1. You should understand the principles of opening before memorize them

  2. Thanks always wanted to understand it and not just improvise lol

  3. So, what happens if black decides to move queen to G2, after we switch the king and rook, that’s mate right?

  4. Wow it's so much fun playing against a opponent that doesn't fucking move

    Fucking idiot

  5. Just started playing again after 20+ years. Only to have online matches with my brother who lives the other side of the world. This was a good refresher.

  6. At this moment, I’m friggin terrible. Tried a few games on my new computer and had to quit every one and get some new player strategies!

  7. Great beginner's video! I'm new to learning the principles behind chess and it helps to have it laid out quickly and easily. Thank you.

  8. i like to bring out all pieces before castling keeping my options open

  9. I need this, was checkmated in 4 moves last night, still not recovered from it

  10. Thanks man this was helpful. Learning foundations for any game is so important.

  11. I’m using chess to exercise my brain. Use it or loose it !

  12. i am gonna mention you in my book when i become a world champion.THANKS

  13. What software are you using. I'm trying to put chess videos on YouTube

  14. This really was exactly the explanation I needed thankyou 🙏

  15. Thanks Queen's Gambit, now I'm learning Chess.

  16. WHY do you want knights before bishops? You told us this was a basic principle but no rationale was given.

  17. Nice video, but it’s really jarring to keep hearing the opponent referred to as “he”. Maybe refer to them as they if you don’t know their gender?

  18. “We wanna get our bishop into the thing”

    F L A S H B A C K : “You know, the THING” – Biden

  19. I'm here because of The queen's gambit from Netflix 🤣

  20. The queens gambit series led to the book its based on be listed in the new yorks best seller after 37 years of its publication and the highest peak in searches about chess on google in 9 years

  21. Why should you open your knight before bishop?

  22. Thanks, I enjoyed your presentation, I'm adding it to my list of reads until it is totally a habit.
    Only comment I have with your presentations is the sound is always to low, can we boost it higher and let us adjust?

  23. watching the cleanest chess handshake led me to this

  24. Your sound settings needs some principles as well 😉

  25. Came her becoz of the queens of gambit:)

  26. I'm an instinctive player. I can defeat 40% of the players, but players who have learned the basics can trap me with things I never saw coming. I want to be better against that. That's why I'm here!

  27. Can We Capture opponents Queen without her Consent

  28. John 3:16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  29. Don’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit it’s unforgivable

  30. Within 30 seconds this video has me saying "yes" to the computer!! I want to know why, when I open with E4 my opponent does X, and what the opening systems mean for the rest of the game – looks like this video might begin to address these questions.

  31. This video should have 5m views. Great stuff. Simple, informative, usable. Thanks!

  32. 1:10 "You want to have center control, you don't want to start with a move like H4." Haha, Magnus just played this against GM Wei Yi on 5/21/22. Somebody forgot to tell him. Seriously though, when you are that good, you can get away with breaking the rules of chess. Sometimes….

  33. This is good but you didn't talk about bad bishops.

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