Chess Lesson: Basic Opening Principles

This must watch 5 minute lesson goes over the basic chess opening principles that any beginning chess player needs to know.

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  1. Put yourself in the opponent's shoes…

    Learn the most most common ways sharp players open the first 10 moves…

    Fisher (ignore his sad personality turn) spent 90% of his last ? years vs computer chess. Do so.

  2. how do you summon the chaos dragon to scurge your opponents pieces in hellfire?

  3. @somethingonmyhip thank you,let the scurging begin!!!!

  4. this is very nice but at 3:30 if i were playing white I would be focusing on taking the pawn at e5 which is currently unprotected. I would then move my horse to f3 and directly be attacking it as well as threatening any other development. Also if black takes the horse at c3 with its bishop then white could just take the bishop with the pawn at b2. That said, for beginners its a great video, keep it up.

  5. Very well made. An excellent guide for all of us who just started discovering chess.

  6. @DazoraSubarashii Look ahead for more chess videos on YouTube or play chess against computer on a low-level. After some parties you'll see where do you make mistakes mostly and you will improve your strategy game-by-game.

  7. I definately disagree with Bb4, for reasons that should be obvious, as one should rarely trade a Bishop for a Knight while unprovoked, and the move allows White to develop the Queenside while you just run away with the Bishop. My choice, Bc5. It not only attacks the center, but it stops the pawns from advancing on both the b and d files.

  8. If you are looking for a game to test your intellect, choose Monopoly, it involves so much more skill than this shitty game

  9. @Bballguy1121 If you think Monopoly is a game that takes more intellect than chess, that speaks plenty about your intellect, and not in a good way. Rolling two dice to see how smart you are.

  10. @Bballguy1121 No, it wasn't an obvious joke. If you read it without knowing anything about the person who wrote it, it sounds stupid and serious.

  11. The London system is a good opening to start off with. It atleast teaches you how to develop your pieces properly.

  12. Monopoly isn't so much about luck as it is about knowing the probabilities and cost-benefit analysis. The game has been studied extensively, and certain squares provide more bang for the buck, as far as the likelihood they will be landed on and so forth. A player who has done some research can easily beat one who hasn't, unless the dice get really crazy.

  13. Thank you πŸ™‚ I'm new to chess so any explanations and tips are more than welcome!

  14. hey moron… hes going over basic principles and im sure he just said not to memorize moves. shows how much u listen.

  15. β™œβ™žβ™β™›β™šβ™β™žβ™œ


  16. Well done, friend, very very well done.

  17. re-read my shit buddy and look who im talking to =/

  18. I was always taught that you develop knights before bishops????

  19. People were saying it was a brainless game about luck. It's not.

  20. 1) Go to King's four
    3)En passant
    4) Promotion
    5) Checkmate
    6)Only pro's will understand

  21. Whenever I play against the computer, center control is irrelevant. It sends things at me from every direction and rips me apart on the sides too.

  22. Well done video with excellent narration..THANKS

  23. which software do you use
    plz. can you tell me!!!

  24. Basically krush kill and destroy ha ha no seriously great video thanks!

  25. I usually start off with taking my knight out, then move the pawn to the place where it's defended by knight.Afterwards if i havent opened bishop and queen i do that and simply wait for the opponent to make a mistake. When an opponent plays aggresively it usually doesn't take long. Though it may help some of you who reads comments. Good luck πŸ™‚

  26. 4:27 You should play E5 in hopes that he takes it. Then use ur queen for a checkmate.

  27. e5 is a gambit line for the bird's opening

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  29. I never in all of my life ever played Chess until I went to prison. There isn't much to do in there other than serve your time, read, write, exercise, television, and play cards/board games. It was there that I fell in love with the philosophy of the game, and I've been playing it ever since. I'm not good by any means, but it's a great game.

  30. Finally … effective instructional vid. Thanks

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