Chess opening slander part 2

Dads are always the ones who take hours to play one move #chess #slander #chessslander #chessopeningslander credits to @JunpyChess for the idea go sub to him


  1. Vienna gambit players on their way to lose the game after you accept it

    Calm italian game players(they don’t exist):

    Englund gambit players offering a draw after you don’t blunder

    Sicilian players when facing alapin

    Least masculine steiners french player

    Legal mate players on their way to blunder the knight

    Ruy lopez player when asked to touch grass

    Jerome’s liver players when their opponent plays petroff(they cry)

    E4 player when their opponent isn’t an NPC

    Hungarian defence players thinking they’re genius(they’re not)

    A botvinnik caro-kann player when their knight gets pinned

    Ponziani player when their trap finally works

    Stonewall players when told that London system is better(they deny)

    fantasy caro-kann players on their way to forget the theory when their opponent finally plays c6

  2. I actually do play the fried liver and every 900 player doesn't know what to do against it. I also enjoy the dutch defense

  3. The last one was my dad when i played caro and launched pawns at his castled king without castling myself

  4. As a person who only knows a single opening, this is amazing

  5. As someone who always plays the Italian, I can confirm that this thumbnail is accurate.

  6. As a bird opening player, I can confirm that is how people react.

  7. KG players on their way to make immortal game no.2748:

  8. One time i lost to a birds opening, but it was against a 2000 in an arena while i was 1000 at the time

  9. After Studying defenses to the Fried Liver Attack I gleefully get my second knight out after the E4 opening

  10. the "d4 players when they play black" one is accurate because xQc literally goes black

  11. I created my own lines against the london, I love making them suffer.

  12. everyone hates on D4 players, but i've never understood what the issue is with playing 1.D. Can someone explain this to me?

  13. Senor Senior Demetrius Damarcus Jamall John Junior says:

    I can officially call my myself a chess player because I managed to get and understand all of these memes without having to look them up. I'm So Proud Of Myself. 🥹

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