Chess Opening TRICK to Confuse Your Opponents After 1.e4

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you how to confuse your opponents in the opening stage with a confusing chess opening trick. After the standard opening moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6, most players play 3.Bb5 going for the Ruy Lopez, or 3.Bc4 going for the Italian Game. But there’s a tricky alternative.

You may play 3.Nc3 which is known as the Three Knights Game and it usually leads to a calm, positional game of chess. BUT, you have something very unexpected for your opponents.

You will learn how to trick your opponents after the most common replies of Black 3…Bc5 and 3…Nf6 which leads to the Four Knights Game.

► Chapters

00:00 Confusing Chess Opening for White
00:14 3.Nc3 – Three Knights Game
00:55 Line-1: 3…Bc5, Black’s mistake
02:46 Can you find the winning move?
04:30 If Black correctly plays Bd6
07:30 If Black plays 4…Bxf2+
09:39 Line-2: 3…Nf6, Four Knights Game
11:13 Transforming from Petrov’s Defense

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  1. Continuation for white at 2:56 min: Nd5, Qd6, Pf4, Pf6, ?

  2. AT 03:00, the move 7.Nb5 seems very strong to me. It defends the white Queen so Nf3+ by black is no longer effective and makes a nice threat on c7. 7.Be3 also look ok.

  3. Thank you Igor, your lessons are legendary, I love your channel and wish you all the best man. Take care.

  4. Igor : beat everyone with this opening.
    After 2 days : beat everyone who plays the opening I showed 2 days ago

  5. I feel like in your presentations, u usually present the weakest, and least likely move, which doesn't show or explain the best move for your opponent.. I'm hoping you can give me a demonstration for your followers who would like to see the correct path just like I would, because I personally feel like you never take the best route for the demonstration, so I'd like to see if you're going to carry those same flaws into this game..

  6. Good morning Sir Igor, thank you so much for this opening I really enjoyed playing this and winning games by this opening.
    I have been monitoring every email you send to me for more than a year and I really enjoyed following your new opening tricks.
    Thank you so much for your time in sending me emails every time you have a new opening chess traps.
    I will be turning 69 years old next month July 23, 2022 and playing chess is my favorite game.
    Once again thank very much for your kindness and your time in sharing your knowledge to all your followers in chess you are our mentor.
    Please take care always of yourself.

  7. Hey I use engine fist 5 move from engine then play random move . Then engine move
    Then exchange al major piece .
    Drag opponent to endgame hahahahaha he will lose on time or loss with pawn.
    I use smartphone for cheat u can also try some much of fun.
    And never get ban.

  8. ஞானப் புரிதல் says:

    And the best move for white is Nd5 I'm right

  9. 8:10 Qf6+
    You said black has no attacks against the white king. That's not true here. If bishop blocks, Pg5, winning black bishop

  10. sorry I didn't read all the comments maybe it has been said and answered but in 8:18 time mark you say there is no way for Black to attack the King but you seem to miss Queen to f6

  11. @10:44 what if black plays … d5 instead of moving the B out? I have run into this and don't know what to do.

  12. I want lessons in person or online GM Smirnov's or play you online what's the cost I will be saving my money for you ok.Kindly Share what you think about this Grandmaster.My Goal is to make 3000 Rating on line in Blitz

  13. Once the game becomes an algorithm, it's no longer a game that you play but a game that plays you.

  14. I won three games back to back using this trap right after watching this video 😂

  15. Horwe to D5 with attack of qeen and c7 fork

  16. chess is about learning to think, not about learning tricks and creating confusion.

  17. The more I watch the more I realize I am just a very bad player. (lol)

  18. 2 mn 45 s : f6 au lieu de d6. Puis c6 ou Cg6

  19. 2:55 finding the best move?

    Because the queen is hanging and the discovered check from black with Nf3+ is a big threat… the best move will have to address that or be very forceful.. no useful checks are avaliable.

    Nb5 looks strong and attack c7 and defends the queen so blacks tactics with Nc3+ does not work as long as the night defends the queen…

    black can reply in a number of ways. But moving queen again looks like loosing time and he cant move the queen in a way that protect c7 and the knight at e5 at the same time… and a6 c6 or c5 looks less useful since Nc7 is a check. (Nb5, a6, Nxc7+,Kd8, Qc3 (white cant take rook on h8 emediately because black still have Nf3+.. so white needs to protect queen first.. but whole line is unclear because after Qc3… black can still play Nf3… if Qxf3… black can play Qxf3, gxf3, Kxc7… black is pawn down and cant castle white have double f pawns. The queens are of the table so the loos of castle rights are not so significant.. but because pawn down white has to be better.

    Yes black can save the rook by playing king d8 emidiately… Nb5, Kd8, then the queens are still on table and black cant castle. Black didnt loose the pawn but now cant castle and queens are still there so white might get a strong attack. And with a tip from one comment here, withe have Qc5, witch treatens mate on Qf8 and the c7 pawn simultaneously… and it looks like black is in deep trouble no matter how trying to block the mate.. moving king backseems unavoidable, and the 2 tempi lost seems to be to much. At the best black looses the bishop on c8… because after most defending moves white play Qxc7+ followed by Nd6+

    I also now discovered that after Nb5, actually c6 looks stronger, perhaps best option for black because it saves the pawn.. after Nc7, Kd8, white can not take the rook in the corner since black plays Nf3+ and white will loose queen. And now white knight on c7 is trapped…. so after Nb5, c6, Night will have to go too d6+ since it is a check… and after Kf8 or d8(d8 looks better to me as b pawn or bishop on c8 looks like to come under fire) the white queen might have to move back in d file or to b4 to avoid the tactics with Nf3+ and at the same time keep defending the night on d6. Black looses the castle rights… is not pawn down but whits pieces looks better coordinated and attacking.

    Are there any better moves than Nb5?

  20. I found awesome moves through your explanations tnx🇵🇭

  21. maybe at 8:06 you don't consider that black can move …Q d6. or maybe i'm wrong?

  22. at 3:00 the move that came to my mind is be3, developing and defending the queen and pawn on f2

  23. What if they don't develop right knight what if they attack with queen

  24. Love respect and admiration. Watching this video for 4th time in span of a year

  25. Summary of this video:

    Three knights game with white, if they play bc5 you take their e5 pawn with your knight, and on the next move fork their pieces with your pawn. It is very easy to attack after this in most of the games, especially against worse players.

    If they do 4. bxf2 to try to not fall into these attacks and expose your king in the process, on move 6 you can kick the knight out with d4 and manually castle faster than they can create an attack on you. The reason why you have so much time to castle is because after this line they have basically no development. After manually castling, you can create easy attacks on your opponent like bg5, which in variations where it is viable pins their knight to their queen .

    If they make it a four knights game, you can either play a normal game or try to lure them into falling into the same trap. In this example white plays be2 after black plays nf6.

    If they use a rare petrov's defense you can go nc3 to try to convert it into a four knights game.

  26. Quiz: white plays 5.Nb5, then 5. … Nf3+ 6.gxf3 a6 7.Qxf6 gxf6 8.Nxc7 (check and fork with the rook) …

  27. Queen to e7 stops pawn on d4 taking either the bishop or pawn.

  28. at my low level this was the most useful video out of a ton of them. Something I can play pretty much any other game. Thanks a lot!

  29. Bro, black can first take the pawn with a check after taking the horse 😅

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